$700bn All the cash in circulation????

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    Financial people;
    stumbled across this:


    Paulson is Stealing ALL THE CASH IN AMERICA

    Hi Patrick,
    Please check my math on the "bailout"

    divided by
    United States Population: 301,139,947 (July 2007 est.)

    EQUALS $2324.50 collected for every man woman and child.

    How much is it for the average family?

    Average family (mother, father, 2.5 kids) = $10,460 stolen from the average
    family, and then handed to banks. It's reverse bank robbery!

    But what is the "bailout's" percentage of total cash in circulation?

    According to Wikipedia, 700 billion is 100% of ALL THE CASH IN CIRCULATION used
    throughout the United States. (in 2007)


    We are not required to pay other peoples debts!
    We are not obligated to pay any illegal fines fees or taxes!
    We are obligated to bring the corrupt to justice!

    Please post Hank Paulson's home address on your website.

    It's time to get a pitchfork and a torch.

    So how much cash is actually out there?(Or is this one of those hidden #'s "M *")????
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    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

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    829 is what I heard too. They have robbed the last bank. JimTrafficant was telling the truth, we are broke. I am hearing on the news that some companies can't make payrolls. I can hear Bush saying, we have put troops in the streets... Cheney is going to weight in on this too. I'm opening up camps so people can get food and water... Don't worry we are here to help.
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