7th-graders suspended for playing with airsoft gun in own yard

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. RightHand

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  2. kellory

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    Someone needs to bring an a$$ whooping to the school board. The school board has NO business trying to regulate children's behavior, when under their parent's supervision.
    The parent's Rights are primary.
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  3. DarkLight

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    10:1 the School District Atty. had not been engaged at the time the article was written...but most likely has been and is scrambling to find a way for the board to save face without being owned lock stock and barrel by three families.

    I can Guarantee you that if this happened to me and mine, i would bankrupt my local city/county and have EVERY board member up on charges as accessories after the fact.

    I hate saying this but the ACLU needs to get involved in this one and those 3 kids should have a college fund that would pay for Harvard when all is said and done.

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  4. Gator 45/70

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    I love it !

    Libtard's are so educated that they are complete idiot's.

    I'm sure some won't be reelected due to this.
  5. BTPost

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    Yep, I agree 100% DarkLight.... I have had this discussion with School Boards, Principals, and Teachers, IN PERSON, and they ALL came to understand that this would be the LAST TIME, I would be discussing this situation with them, and the NEXT time, would be in front of a Judge in Civil Court, with my Super Scumbag Sheister LawDog doing the barking for me.... They ALL got the message, and things were handled where there were NO Repercussions for my child, and later, one told a Neighbor of mine, that they NEVER wanted to see Me, again, ever, for ANY Reason.
    " He is just not a very NICE Man, when it comes to his children. There is just NO ROOM for any error." I just have no use for an NEA Thug.
  6. Tracy

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    Good grief!
  7. C.T.Horner

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    This story is BS, and slanted beyond belief.

    The thug was shooting other school children with an air soft gun, who were waiting for the school bus at the bus stop. Ever been shot with an air soft pellet? It hurts, and if you have to stand at the bus stop to wait for the school bus and you are targeted with assault, who should come to your defense?

    The little bastard is lucky he wasn’t arrested for assault. Suspension was the best outcome for the little shit. IMHO.


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  8. C.T.Horner

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  9. C.T.Horner

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  10. C.T.Horner

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    So you send your child off to school and at the bus stop they are assaulted, and blinded what would your response be then?

    Would you tout don’t suspend the poor child he was in his own yard after all.
    I think not, take a close hard look, what if your kid came home like this?

    You would likely be screaming from the rooftops for justice to be done. Or locked up for taking the law into your own hands. Admit it.
    Just sayin.
  11. kellory

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    I would seek justice, true, from the parents. Not the minor child.
    What that child does is by LAW, the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.
    I play paintball, and there are minimum safety requirements for that. I would assume the same type of safety equipment would be required for all participants. That standard was not met, nor was any attempt made to correct the children's behavior. That is the parent's fault, and the parent's responsibility, not the child's.
    The child is being punished for the parent's failing.
    The. child was in the wrong to allow any part of his game to cross his property lines, and he/ they did involved people not in the game as targets. That was wrong. But, it was the parent, who allowed the game (poor judgment), it was the parent that failed to see a problem with the location or the behavior, and it was the parent who failed to put a stop to it.
    It is NOT the job of the school board to be the child's parent, nor to intrude onto private property. That is overstepping their bounds.
    Under the issue of safety, would you have the school board ban you child from school because you own guns? Or might drink once in a while? Or perhaps ban your child because you teach fire building skills to Boy Scouts, and fire is dangerous? That is beyond their purview.
  12. C.T.Horner

    C.T.Horner Monkey

    First off you are correct the parents are also legally responsible, but at what age do you expect a child to be responsible for their own actions?

    Do you seriously believe that a 13 year old bullying and attacking other children with a potentially dangerous, and possibly maiming weapon should NOT be punished for assault?

    Why are there 13 year olds in jail now if they aren’t legally responsible for their actions, especially when it comes to assault?

    Or when a 13 year old boy shoots a nine year old girl to death for stepping on his shadow, he is justified because the bitch dissed him? He is the victim when the cops arrest him and the courts convict him of murder?

    What about thirteen year old boys that murder? They should go free and the parents should go to jail?

    So if I understand you correctly children should not go to jail EVER. Please state for the record what age limit you set for being responsible for assault? RAPE? MURDER?

    Are you saying the child who bullied, chased down and assaulted the innocent children is the victim? Really?

    So you advocate bullies should get a pass, and the parents should be punished.

    At what point do you draw the line? How do you propose the deviant children are to be corrected if they aren’t responsible for their violent assaults?

    Are you saying that the school has no responsibility for its mandatory bus stops? Where they make it mandatory for children to stand and therefore were targeted and assaulted by bullies with potentially maiming weapons.
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  13. kellory

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    Again, go after the parent, for damages, and police the bus stops for garbage left behind,while you're at it. even waiting parents leave their trash behind. Bus stops in most places are nothing more than a sign. no seats, no shelter from rain or wind, and the kids stray half a block or more while waiting, trashing lawns, picking flowers, dodging into the street. most stops have parents to at least watch from their cars, but some, have no supervision at all.
    I used to be a crossing guard as a child, there is no reason why that system could not be expanded to have safety guards at every bus stop. Kids, (or volunteers) to serve in the same capacity as crossing guards, to make sure their fellow students arrive safely. It would cost nothing more than a orange safety belt and a nearly worthless badge. and a paper certificate, at the end of the year. Think sheepdog, and keep the sheep out of harm's way.
    But why shouldn't the parent be called on the carpet for failing to BE a parent? Because, it is easier to blame the school system, it is easier to hand over responsibility to someone else, it is easier to believe "It takes a village to raise a child", instead of doing the job that is your's and your's alone, to raise your child to know right from wrong, and correct him, when he fails to meet that standard.
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  14. C.T.Horner

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    A lot of hot air in there but you have one solid theme running through your rants. YOU adamantly believe you should teach a child not to assault others by assaulting them!

    You further believe that when a child is under the care of someone other than a parent they should take no action to correct the behavior. Even if that corrective action is NON VIOLANT! Because you think the ONLY solution is VIOLANCE administered by their parents!

    I still think the school has a responsibility also, and in this particular case their actions are correct if indeed these miscreants chased down and assaulted innocent children at their bus stop. Bullying is wrong and should not be tolerated, further more the actual victims should not have to sit next to their assailants in math class if the school can do something about it.

    The bottom line is the title of the thread is BS, the children were suspended for assault and bullying students at a bus stop. NOT for playing with toys in their own yard.

    Believe what you want. But the hundreds of studies and documented evidence linking childhood abuse by parents to violent children speak for themselves.

    One last bit for thought. If a parent is molesting their child and a teacher finds out I suppose she should keep her mouth shut. Because it’s none of her business how the parent raises their child.

    But you can have the argument, because it’s not worth another ounce of digital ink to me.
    I will no longer respond to this thread lets move on. You can have the last word.

    Good Luck. CT.
  15. kellory

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  16. Motomom34

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    My word, I must be the worst parent. My kids get together with their buddies and have airsoft wars. The guns aren't high powered but you feel it. It's like you have to put your children in a box and can only let them out when society say it is okay.

    As for the school getting involved, well they need to learn their place and I may not be as forceful as @BTPost but they know me well.
  17. fedorthedog

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    Funny how many kids died in school sports this year, not to mention joint injuries and the surgeries required. But that is done for school pride and indoctrination into the tribe, so its ok.

    We again have proof that education and intelligence are not the same.
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  18. kellory

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    I do hope you insist on eye protection. It takes only 26 pounds of force to destroy an eye. But, I agree, kids need to be allowed to be kids. And it is OUR job (and no one else's) to guide them. The school board is just a hired servant.
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  19. Motomom34

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    The kids put on winter coats, helmets & eye wear. My kids know you don't shoot w/o eye protection.

    I think @fedorthedog makes a good point, kids die each year from school sports. IMO I think some of these kids die because they have never really been outdoor kids. I think team sports is just too hard on their bodies because they aren't used to normal play & activities.
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  20. kellory

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    Baseball shirts are now required to have a heart plate, because a kid caught a line drive to the chest and it stopped his heart. It is a tragedy, true, but no wood bats? Plastic square tooth cleats? Under armor? Balls must be soft core? And even the catcher"s chest protector was not good enough? It's baseball! Not jousting!
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