80 uses for coconut oil

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    80 Uses for Coconut Oil | Health Impact News

    I always figured there were only 72.....

    IMO, when I see something like that URL, I'm a bit skeptical. For example, I've got something similar for baking soda and vinegar, and with few exceptions, I can try those things out and they work.

    However, while I like coconut oil and have a bunch of it, I'm hesitant to accept some of the claims here...especially in the "health - aiding, curing, relieving" section (e.g., AIDS, autism, ...coconut oil enemas twice a day??). I can report, however, that I agree with the 'mental clarity' one: coconut, pineapple, and rum always made me see things very clearly...but, it's fleeting a disappears after about 8 hours.

    So, in posting this, I'm not by any means agreeing with all of the 80 uses. I also don't want to start any arguments or posts that *I'm* full of crap--I fully recognize the homeopathic snake-oil salesman when I see him. I just thought you might be interested in trying some of them (e.g., rough skin, cradle cap). Ignore the others. There is also some recent posts about coconut oil so do a search.

    I just installed a hardwood floor and some tile a while back and my knuckles are trashed. I tried some "Plumber's crack" and some other stuff that has had no effect. I'm going to try the coconut oil. I'll let you know how that goes. I'm only going to apply it to one hand. If there is a response, I'll know that the skin just wasn't healing on its own.
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    Said in the spirit of true scentific investigation

    Said in the spirit of true scentific investigation.....sample size is small though. A double blind experiment with a double shot of two different brands of bourbon might be in order....just let me know how the experiment went after the hangover!

    I'm particularly interest in use #15...particularly in the case of nubile women of any legal age younger than myself....oh...well.....maybe a few years older than me too... lol
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    I wasn't going to read this,but Chelloveck's mention of use #15 and nubile women made me change my mind.I remember one gf from years ago who could have used this therapy..
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    I would go with #11 with Chells descriptives applied... BTW i did like the handle of the writer...
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    We use coconut oil pretty exclusively in our house and have been trending back to a more natural-based, non-chemical medication lifestyle. All I can say is, I take any claim about a "natural cure"/preventative with a big grain of salt. We try them. If we do not experience a perfect result, we do not discount the claims about a certain substance/curative/preventative in their entirety. If the results are moderate, it becomes a secondary use item, if non-effective at all, we just eliminate the particular cure/aliment combination and seek a different curative. Thing is, every human being is unique. What may work for 95% of the populace may not work for you, even modern medicine is that way. I am actually quite happy that I do not have the need to try coconut oil against AIDS, just sayin'. For me and mine, less chemicals, more natural. It is the way God intended it. YMMV. My opinions are that, mine. Do your own due diligence.
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  7. snowbyrd

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    Used to use Vasoline with my first wife, put it on the door handle to keep the kids out.
    I guess c-nut oil might work for that too.........just say'in
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    Both stupid and dangerous. Humans require fats. Large quantities of fats if you are physically active. Omega-3 fatty acids, the ones found in high quantities in olive and coconut oils, play a crucial role in brain function, as well as normal growth and development. The diet he advocates is a purely vegan diet, and well...

    All the nutrients that the body needs other than vitamin B-12 can be obtained from vegetable sources if extreme care is taken . However, the availability of some of them to the body is often adversely affected by the special characteristics of a strictly vegetarian diet.

    Nutrients so affected include: energy, iron, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, riboflavin and the fat soluble vitamins, particularly vitamin D. The best sources of these are meats, poultry and seafood, which are not eaten. But not only does the vegan diet consist of foods which are poorer sources of these nutrients, it necessarily contains high levels of fibre, phytic acid and oxalate, all of which are known both to bind with the nutrients in such a way as to inhibit their absorption in the gut and also to deplete the body of the minerals it has. The vegetarian ends up with what is called a negative balance. It is a situation where the more he eats, the worse it gets.

    This applies both to adults and to children. In the case of children, however, the situation can be far more serious. Children brought up by vegetarian parents are usually breast fed, often for long periods. Where the mother has a good nutrient-rich diet, this is normally a good thing. But the nutritional condition of the mother affects the nutrients passed in breast milk to the infant. If the mother is deficient in vitamin B-12, for example, this deficiency is passed onto the breast-fed child with unfortunate consequences.


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    Fats, oils and sabre tooth tigers......

    , technology and advances in food production

    Goodness snow...you had me worried for a few moments, thinking that we were going to get an explicit expose of byrd bedroom hankypanky....phew...was I relieved when I read the rest of it....hmmm keeping the kids out while y'all get your christmas wrapping done???

    Agreed Falcon.....I hate MDs who push booksale barrows promoting their pet fad diet theory. I'm kind of thinking..."confirmation bias" on his part???

    What I also hate are whacko nutritionists, carrying on like lunatics claiming that humans as a species are herbivores, and should therefore be vegans. They seem to ignore the fact that, when it comes to diet, and the digestion and processing of food, we are, as far as our digestive system is concerned, barely more evolved than our tree dwelling and savanna ranging omnivorous chimpanzee and babboon cousins. It is for that very reason that modern day diets which are far too rich in fats and sugars have brought us undone, when they are two food groups that were a relatively scarce food resource in pre homo sapien days before the domestication of grains and grazing animals. Not consuming any fats and oils is just as bad for human health and effective functioning, for the very reasons that Falcon has explained.

    We are omnivores....that is evidenced by our dental structures, with incisors and canines for cutting and tearing, pre-molars for crushing and molars for grinding food. Humans have the swiss army mouth, capable of dealing with meat, vegetables, fruits, and grains. We aren't specialised as carnivores...and we certainly aren't specialised as herbivores...we are omnivores goddamnit...and for omnivores to function healthily, they need a certain proportion of proteins and fats so that they don't become a slow meal for some sabre tooth tiger.

    Although we, in urban environments are at little risk of being eaten by a sabre tooth tiger...our evolved digestive systems, haven't yet got that message!! Our bodies operate on the basis that sabre tooth tigers are still alive and keen on the meat of slow stupid natives, and our digestive systems operate on that assumption; and the assumption that sugars and fats are still extremely scarce. We can only overide the body's default digestive system's nutritional absorbtion settings, by reducing the intake of fats and sugars that we consume to conform more closely to the body's primitive digestive architecture processing limitations. Our bodies will punish us if we remove fats and oils from our diet completely.

    One thing to note is that our bodies have evolved to deal with the expectation that extreme old age would not be much beyond 30 something or 40 something and getting eaten by a sabre tooth tiger was a more likely risk to foreshortening human reproductive prospects than congestive heart disease at the improbable age of 70 something or 80 something. (not withstanding Methuselaean mythology). We live much longer these days due to the benefits of science and technolgy and we now die of diseases that were extremely rare in days gone past, simply because people didn't usually live long enough to develop them.
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    What does this guy's teeth tell you about his diet?

    Esselstyn's diet is not pure vegan (it's a subset of the vegan diet, as vegans eat plenty of super-dense junk food just like every other fat American). It's quite hard to argue with his results.

    Evolution doesn't get a chance to break us of our omnivorous diet, because the negative effects don't weigh in until well after we've made our contributions to the gene pool.

    The basic food groups you learned about in school were defined by industry lobbyists who were paid professionals indoctrinating you at a very young age into believing you needed to drink the milk of another species long after you yourself had been weened from your mother, among other bits of propaganda wearing the cloak of science. Research done at the Cleveland Clinic would tend to disagree.
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    Heh. Well, my ex had a sharp tongue; sufficient proof of that, it was. :D
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    Well, gee, I guess a large herbivore that has to rip into tough plants and tear off the outer covering of large nuts does not need sharp piercing teeth.
    Lets look at the scientific fossil evidence shall we?
    Things that make you go hmm. A gorrilla has large canines, yes. The canine teeth are functional, they're used to crush tough plants, and are an important threat display, for intimidating rival males or potential predators.

    From one of my primate study guides.
    Yawning, as your picture shows, is a dominance show. Dominant male gorillas reinforce their dominance regularly with displays of their weaponry. Yawning and teeth displaying is very common. Showing your teeth to a gorilla in a smile is taken as an aggressive thing, and they tend to get right ANGRY and pull down and bash foliage on the ground, and enter into a huge display of dominance behaviors. These are inclusive of chest beating, gape mouthed teeth displays, howling, charges, and stare downs.

    Your Mileage Does NOT vary. A gorilla is an herbivore. A human is an omnivore. Period.
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    Well...I reckon school is now in session...great post Falc!
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  14. strunk

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    Western humans are omnivores. YMMV in other cultures.
  15. Falcon15

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    Yeah, I guess "Eastern" or "other culture" people are not Humans. CULTURE does play a part in preferential diet. HUMANS ARE ALL OMNIVORES. Your Mileage Does Not Vary apparently.
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  16. chelloveck

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    We can wear a goat mask or a lion mask but......

    We can wear a goat mask or we can wear a lion mask but......under that mask...whichever we choose to eat through...we are still omnivorous monkeys!!!

    Humans as an animal species are omnivores....they have not evolved to be specialised carnivores nor as specialised herbivores. Specialising as carnivores or as herbivores would require marked evolutionary changes in body anatomy and physiology and methods of processing nutrient sources into useable nutrients. We are equipped to consume and make use of meat and animal products...as well as vegetative food sources. Electing to desist from consuming animals and animal products does not convert us into herbivores....we merely remain omnivores who refrain from and/or prefer to not eat meat. Vice versa...those who rarely eat vegetables aren't suddenly carnivores, just because they eschew to chew and swollow their greens.

    For folk who are vegetarians and vegans, it is a philosophical, lifestyle, religious choice...not a species imperative. There are health issues that arise from a high meat / low vegetative diet....there are health issues that arise from a high vegetable and low, or no meat diet....the golden mean, that seems to have the more optimal health outcomes for humans is a compromise between the two extreme ends of the spectrum, which is...an omnivorous diet.

    As humans...living in a PAW, food fads and fancies will disappear...or those clinging to them will disappear...the survivors will ALL be omnivores...it gives us the widest range of nutritional options, best making use of our evolutionary heritage as hunters AND gatherers.(aka a meat, two vege and fruit for dessert lifestyle)

    I suspect the cultural preferences of some Eastern religions for a little or no meat in their diet is perhaps a reflection of, among other things, the relatively inefficient means by which agricultural resources are converted into meat protein as opposed to vegetable protein...therefore, religions, such as Bhuddism, Hinduism, and Jainism, regulate what may...or may not be eaten, given the pressures of population on limited reources. This may perhaps be an over simplification, but a reflection of the fact that cows/oxen are of more use as beasts of burden, and sources of mechanical energy, cooking fuel, agricultural fertiliser, building materials, and a renewable food supply (such as dairy products) than as steaks for the village BBQ.

    I also suspect that an anthropological comparison of the diets of different cultures (Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern),would reflect a largely omnivorous diet, with perhaps an emphasis towards one or other ends of the spectrum, depending on the relative availability of animal proteins as opposed to alternative vegetable proteins.
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    Wrong tool for the job, Plumber's crack is better utilized as a pencil holder. :D
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  18. chelloveck

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    Goodness...some are comodious enough to use as beer stubby holders....just that the beer would lose its chill much quicker.
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    The link is dead, but a quick google resulted in a similar article I imagine.

    Even tho the thread has strayed a bit, I enjoyed reading it. I agree very much with Falcon (and thanks for the lesson on gorillas - something I didn't realize) but what I really take away from this is what Chello said:
    IMO, there's llittle doubt about how many true vegans will last after SHTF. I've nothing against that lifestyle, mind you. I just don't think they will survive without using all available resources.

    As for the original intent of the thread, I'm learning more and more about coconuts (not just the oil) although in my area, I doubt I will find a source post SHTF. After all, coconuts aren't migratory!:D

  20. chelloveck

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    Coconuts are more migratory than one might think! ; )

    As for the original intent of the thread, I'm learning more and more about coconuts (not just the oil) although in my area, I doubt I will find a source post SHTF. After all, coconuts aren't migratory!:D

    Read more: http://www.survivalmonkey.com/forum/back-basics/31699-80-uses-coconut-oil-2.html#ixzz1mlv8X14P

    I guess it depends where you live....if you live up in the Appalacian Mountains, a migratory coconut is highly unlikely, however on the coast, it is a possibility, even if fairly improbable. Many Islands and atholls have been colonised by floating coconuts being carried by winds and currents about the oceans of the world.

    I dare say that coconut palm trees could probably be planted and cultivated in areas in the USA that are conducive to their growth.....just that it may take a while from establishment to cropping. Just as coconut oil has a myriad of uses, so does the coconut itself....flesh, copra, refreshing drink, tacky gift carvings, containers....etc, etc. etc....It just may take a while for trees to become harvestable, so, get planting. Mexico, according to the map on the following webpage seems to have significant areas of coconut production, so any climatic zone in the USA that is similar to where they are grown in Mexico should support coconuts.

    Coconut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Evidently, Coconuts for propogation are available for online purchase from a Florida based establishment, which, incidently, is probably also a good place to grow them.

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