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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by nursgon, Oct 21, 2007.

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    I have an 8MM Muser long riffle and I have to re chamber a round twice to get it to fire. I have look at a case after trying to fire once and I can see where the firing pin has struck the primer but no fire. do I need to replace the pin? and if so how do you do it..
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    Replacement is a possibility, but if I understand all I think I know, it is a pretty simple ajustment. Go on line and see if you can't find a website covering the technical aspects of the Mauser family. Also possible is a headspace problem which can be dangerous. You can get go and no-go gages from Midway if your local smith doesn't have them.
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    i had the same problem with an yugo mauser and once i disassembles the bolt and sprayed it with CLP to remove the cosmoline it worked fine. so it could be that your bolt is gumming the pin. try that before you buy new parts first would be my suggestion
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    is spot on.
    they are easy, take the bolt and on the safety end depress the little catch and unscrew the safety and the firing pin and spring come out.
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    Here's a link I visit all the time for my Swedish Mauser:


    There are threads for various Mausers and other bolt-action rifles, as well as for semi-autos... the commonality is "Surplus Rifles" that you could buy with the 03FFL.

    Here's a link to The Big CD-ROM 1 & 2 that has a huge number of articles with pictures and videos concerning various old rifles. One of them showed me how to take apart my Mauser bolt and check my firing pin. Two CDs for about $14 was well worth the money for me:


    Hope this helps.
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