9/11: The Thermite Demolition Theory

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GhostX, Oct 1, 2016.

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    I realize that these 9/11 posts are starting to get a bit repetitive so I promise that this will be the last one from me for a while. I've been doing a lot of digging on either side of the argument for what made the towers and building 7 fall. I recently came across this video:

    I thought that this could be looked at as, how the professor put it, "the loaded gun" which would blow the whole thing wide open... but then I dug a little deeper and discovered this video poking holes in the whole thing and the way his research was verified and published.

    As I said before, the only thing I'm interested in is the truth. Even if thermite wasn't used, there are still explosions that are unexplained. I just think that if this guy is making false claims about discovering thermite, he is really hurting the credibility of people who would make legitimate claims and cause people to disregard them with a "fool me twice" attitude.
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    I had a customer who was a structural engineer....He said one building could have fallen straight down as a fluke, but not two, especially the second one with the heavy damage to one side. His claim was detonation as well. He said he watched the first and just knew the top portion of the second would fall over, not straight down.
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    Still brings me back to the Jet fuel issue. No way those TWO buildings collapsed strait down AND then took out the other buildings as well. Jet fuel wouldn't burn a steal structure evenly and when spread out over several floors, would cause structural weakening in an uneven manor. Not only that, Both Aircraft were FULLY loaded with fuel, and that fuel burns very violently for a long time. It would have spread far and wide before burning and the burning would have made FAR, FAR more Black oily smoke over the city! Even after the total collapse, the fuel would still be burning! Another problem I have with all the "facts" that same fuel would have rained down on the streets some burning all the way down, and the "show" we saw would have been much worse then it was! I Agree, explosives were used extensively through out! Thermite would also be convenient for a controlled destabilized demolition!!!
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    The video is gone, but it had been noted that several vans had been delivering something daily for weeks before the hit,
    But I speculated that the thermite or some explosive might have been installed in the building on it's manufacture, to the end that if it were hit by terrorist attack the building it self would go down like planned demolitions occur thus not effecting other buildings .
    Had the building gone down like a tree the damage would have been significantly more effective as in an attack. other buildings would have gone down like dominos.
    The fact that planes designated to protect the area were deliberately side tracked during the event is enough proof the government knew it was going to happen.
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    How many people would be involved to pull this off? It would have to be hundreds if not thousands. Count me as skeptical. At least for now. [afro]
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    not really that many... not if it was done over a long time... could just be a very few dedicated (well paid) people...

    although in keeping with the type of mentality that would do such a thing I imagine they're all dead now...

    no witnesses of any possible sort could be allowed...
  7. GhostX

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    Or people just write off witnesses as conspiracy theorists.
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