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  1. Big Ron

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    Does anyone think we are more secure? I just feel the presence of an expanding survalence state.
    Sad so many people died. sad we had Saudi terrorist and attacked Afghanistan. The start of a lot more debt and death.
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  2. ghrit

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    Yes, we are more secure but at huge expense of liberties and privacy. More's the pity that the losses outweigh the gains and intrusiveness. A few, just a few, of those that are taking advantage of sheep should meet a sheepdog, and I have to think things would get better.
  3. Ura-Ki

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    More Secure, NO WAY!
    Open Border, liberal immigration policies, Nanny State, Red Flag Law's...................
    The Death of Liberty started long ago, but has since ramped up!
  4. Homer Simpson

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    I do not feel more secure in any way. I only feel more violated and oppressed. I feel my freedoms are diminished and shrinking daily.
  5. HK_User

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    Define More Secure
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  6. Thunder5Ranch

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    I would say we are less secure by the day but we have a reasonably good illusion of being more secure.
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  7. chelloveck

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    Agreed. (y)

    And define more secure against what threat. There are internal threats probably more worrisome than some external threats, judging from the repetitive incidents of mass shootings in schools, retail shopping venues, and places of worship.
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  8. Dont

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    What Uri-Ki said!!
  9. Big Ron

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    I don't think we are more secure. Like more gun laws will make us safer. I wanted the Patriot act to go away. life is what it is, you can die in strange unforeseen ways. I do think people being a bit more caring and concerned with others could go a long way. I also think the gov./society is way to PC with Islam and Muslims will continue to not blend in and cause problems.
  10. Ura-Ki

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    Nailed it buddy!
    With the southern border completely open, it's likely we have been infiltrated by many who would do great harm to us, just as they do in Europe, only they want to hurt us bad and in a very BIG way! Dirty bombs, Suitcase Nukes, the works!

    In my youth ( Close to 35 years ago) A feller who carried a pistol usually carried a little 5 shot Smith or Colt .38 Snubby! as the years have gone by, I realized what I used to feel safe carrying was at best a back up piece and I started carrying a full size. now days I also carry a Rifle close at hand, and a serious double stack on the hip! Do I feel safe, Hell No I don't, That's why I carry the dang Rifle! Do I trush my Government to keep me safe, Hell No I don't! I was a part of the system that keeps this country safe, and I would say we are incapable of protecting this country because we allow politicians to make the rules and hold the purse strings! They like their big spending budgets for things like F-35's and DDX's and Aircraft Carriers, not border wals and effective means of stopping real threats!
  11. BlueDuck

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    The enemy don't have to sneak in anymore. Our congress is full of them. No we are not more secure.
  12. HK_User

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    We are were we where before PEARL HARBOR 1941.
    With the gov telling us no truths.

    Call it Mushroom 2019, Feeding us shit and lying that it is all Roses.
  13. oldawg

    oldawg Monkey+++

    ^^^^^^^^ That right there.
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  14. Blue

    Blue Monkey

    Did you know that the cartels have somewhere between 10-50 (such a wide range of estimates probably means that researchers/law enforcement really have no idea) tunnels under the border? Each one costs $1-$2 million to construct and can easily be paid for with the first shipment through them. They also use boats, known as "narco submarines" that are almost fully submersible and are difficult or impossible to detect on radar. Aerial drones are also gaining in popularity. Several of the leaders of some of the cartels, when asked about the wall, have openly scoffed at it and stated that it will only increase profits for them. In some areas they will literally be paid to build it, since they own the only concrete plants near enough to supply material. The wall won't stop "real threats", it'll just stop some of the poorer lettuce pickers and landscapers.
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  15. Bandit99

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    Frankly, I feel less secure here than I did overseas... Why? Many reasons but in many countries the punishment for crimes truly are so severe that they put fear in those that would commit a crime, they're a true deterrent. Here stateside, jail or prison is a cakewalk compared to those places. You are fed 3X a day, shower daily, clean bedding and clothes, and shelter that is warm and dry (even air conditioned) and rodent and insect free. But, this is just one reason of many...

    As was stated, our government is full of enemies of this country, actual traitors, and countless others that seek nothing but power and wealth. Personally, I believe this started in earnest with the Wilson administration, maybe even before, but it is certain he got us into WW1 based on lies upon lies, took control of the country's treasure (the Fed) based on lies and force a national income tax without constant of our citizens. FDR's administration followed suite with more lies basically causing a war with Japan while at the same time going against the will of the people and Congress (Neutrality Act) illegally supporting the UK Commonwealth and doing everything possible to cause war between the USA and Germany, so much so, that in Hitler's words "...we've been at war for years..." when he declared war on America. And, certainly FDR's administration was heavily infiltrated by Stalin's people, communists. Only in the past few years has much of this just started to come out...

    For example, in 2014 the UK finally release a document showing the true manifest of the Lusitania. The Lusitania was a major reason the USA entered into WW1 as it was a passenger vessel that had some American passengers but also was loaded to the gills with war material, to include artillery and small arm ammunition. The United Kingdom has denied this over and over again until 2014 and the release of this document. All it took was one torpedo by a German submarine to sink her since it was so heavily load with ammunition which helped bring America into WW1. But, it wasn't suppose to carry war materials, no passenger ships were, and the Germans had served noticed, time and again, that passenger ships should stay out of the war zone - period. Why? Because the Brits were using passenger ships to carry war materials and the Germans knew this so they even put articles in the major USA newspapers warning people to stay out of the war zone. They Brits had a complete naval blockade of Germany, basically starving them, while at the same time using this means of supply to sneak pass German submarines. Wilson knew this as did the UK and the Lusitania was allowed to proceed knowing full well what would happen. And, it did, and Wilson got his war...and once again, Americans paid the bill in full.

    I am off topic here but my point is our government now or in the past has never been for the people it represents. We are nothing but cannon fodder and piggy banks and THAT is why I am insecure in my own country - not the crime, not the international issues/problems but my own government. Their agenda is not an agenda for the American people and that insecurity gets worse every year due to their actions or inactions. And, I am certain, within the next 10 to 20 years it will get much worse so yes, I feel less secure, each and every year.
  16. snake6264

    snake6264 Combat flip flop douchebag

    I am not safe but I don't need a hug
  17. BTPost

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    If you believe “The Book” then you know that nothing will ever get better, “in the Last Days”..... Society wil continue to degenerate, as is the case, today, and moving forward... This will continue until the return of “The Son” that issues in the millennium... Of course, if you do NOT BELIEVE “The Book” then it really doesn’t matter, in the least, what happens in the future... Your choice....
  18. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    Never read The Book of Mormons,Nice people the ones I've worked with,Does it give a date perhaps?
  19. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    I have no reason to believe that the book(s)...(and I include the Torah, Bible, Quran, BOM, the Vedas, Dianetics, The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Egyptian Book of The Dead, The Tao Te Ching, The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, and other 'sacred' scriptures), are any more than the works of (mostly) mortal men: Cultural artifacts which attempt to inspire mankind towards the believed sublime, and in varying ways, to justify the most horrible and repugnant crimes against humanity. There is no good reason to believe that much, if any of it to be true, but good reason to believe that much, if not all of the supernatural truth claims are false.

    As a person who has no belief in supernatural agents, (or the fan fiction which surrounds them), I have to say that the future of humankind on earth, and indeed, our world does matter. I do not require fantastic (ludicrously far-fetched), threats of hellfire and eternal post earthly death 'after world' punishment in the "lake of fire", to motivate me to be a law abiding, compassionate, moral, and ethical, human actor in this world. I take the view that life on earth will constantly change, for as long as there is life on earth. Whether one's perception of whether or not human life in the future on earth will get better, stay much the same, or get worse, is a value judgement, dependent on one's frame of reference, cultural beliefs, and personal and collective experience. Empires, kingdoms, republics and democracies and other forms of political structures will come and go with the ebb and flow of human progress (or regress). Ever has it been so since the time first humans began congregating in ever larger, and more complex communities.

    The universe is indifferent to the existence or survival of humankind as a species. The odds of humanity's extinction here on Earth do not favor humanity, judging from all the evidence of many hundreds of thousands of specie extinctions before the present day. We presently have our place in the sun for the moment, a very brief moment in terms of the geological time scale. Whatever the longevity of humanity is on this earth, I think it does matter what we do in our present in determining the outcomes between now and some indeterminate future when humanity may no longer be around.

    As to ensuring our own individual, and collective security, in a post 'whatever it is' environment, in the present, and into our immediate future: that is a worthwhile human endeavor, regardless of whether or not one believes in the earthly intervention of sky daddys or sky mamas.
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  20. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    I am generally safe, and reasonably secure, but I do not live in abject terror of things I have little influence or control over. Hugs are always welcome if the hugging is mutually consensual....I have a security blanket which meets all of my emotional needs when confronting things that go bump in the night. ;)

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