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  1. Hanzo

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    Today is a beautiful day. Hot as usual, but very nice.

    The morning started too early. Monkey and me, "I HATE early games!" I actually like them, just not getting up for them. Getting to the field by 7 is brutal!

    Morning purple.


    Morning moon.


    Just after sun rise.


    Moon over soccer. And it's a glorious day! So far, we are 4-0 with an average score of 4-0.


    After soccer, I open a young coconut. Delish!


    And I made li hing star fruit with the last of the fruit.

  2. Brokor

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    That's the biggest bonzai tree I have ever seen! :D
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  3. Motomom34

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    Love your photos of paradise. I am always amazed at how healthy you eat. That is why you have strong healthy monkeys.
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  4. Hanzo

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    Never thought I eat particularly healthy. My wife on the other hand...
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  5. Hanzo

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    Here's a not so healthy...

    Had a burger for lunch and was getting sleepy finishing up my work stuff before catching my flight. So drained the dregs from the French press from this morning for iced coffee.


    Not focused like my sleepy eyes.
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  6. Motomom34

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    Really? All your photos look so nutritious. I am surprised FLOTUS hasn't called you for nutrition tips.
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  7. Motomom34

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    Whoa! You ate a burger? well that image blown! LOL!
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  8. Hanzo

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  9. Hanzo

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    I've been known to enjoy a good burger on occasion. Today was a quickie. A bacon, mushroom Swiss whopper. My first one ever. Was really good, except they need to put more than a few bacon bits to call it a bacon burger.
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  10. Motomom34

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    Well actually now that I think of it.... I have seen you put some questionable things in the Nutrabullet. Chocolate in the Nutrabullet. I looked in the book and didn't see that as a suggested ingredient.

    BTW- do you have issue with seeds? The book says I can put in grains and stuff or seeds but it don't blend them. Makes it less of a drink when I put them in.
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  11. Motomom34

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    My gosh that happened to me. I went to Wendy's a few weeks back and ordered a bacon burger. They forgot the bacon. The lady said, well imagine that..... yeah imagine that!
  12. Hanzo

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    Never tried seeds, but wife puts nuts in there with her drinks. Kinda gritty. But if you do a two step. Are you in Texas? The Nutribullet comes with two blades. The lower looking one is a grinder. Works great. I have ground corn into flour. So try using the grinder on your seeds first, then use the blender for your drink. Might come out smoother that way. But let me know. I could be wrong.

    But since I pig out when I travel, I am having a big salad before I jump on the plane. Looking forward to eating at places like Nobu's and Spago's and such. Especially since I will be hosted for those and it won't burn my wallet up.
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  13. Hanzo

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    Made azuki bean vanilla ice cream last night. Trying it out. Pretty darned good.

    When I get back, will grind up some chocolate chips to throw in my ice cream concoction. Even though chocolate chips are not in recipes, throw em in. Thank me after, especially if you have kids. My monkeys LOVE my chocolate chip sea salt bannock. Sooo good.

  14. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    I have the two blades. I had no clue why they gave me the second one. I am in CO btw. Oh my monkeys would love chips and ice cream.
  15. Hanzo

    Hanzo Monkey+++


    Left side is blender blade.
    Right side is grinder blade.
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