9mm or .40S&W

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by wrc223, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Okay, I know this is the type of thread that usually ends up in a bunch of hooey debate. I know what round is capable of what and there are a million bullet options out there. What I am interestd in is real world experience. What do you reach for more out of the two and why.
    I have a choice to make between these two calibers. Same handgun, choice of either two bullet sizes. I can reload either round currently and have the materials to start right now. So it really boils down to which one to get.
    The handgun is a CZ-75.
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    Both. Blue Helmet and DHS/TSA resupply options will then be available to you.
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    if ammo price doesent bother you go with a .40 if you dont wanna spend tons to practice, the 9 will be suffiecient. watch some of the videos on youtube of the hollow points and self defence 9mm ammo, not somthing to mess with either.
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  4. wrc223

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    I can always make 9mm wadcutter rounds for close in SD ammo.
  5. melbo

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    I prefer 9mm if given a choice between the 2.
  6. CATO

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    What's important to you? Here's what I do: get a piece of paper and make a 3 column grid. In col 1, put characteristics of importance; in cols 2 and 3, put the calibers.

    ammo availability SHTF
    accuracy rapid fire
    any others with same caliber

    ...it helps me anyway...I'm a visual person.
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    I'm so glad that not all emoticons don't come through on tapatalk.
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  8. TwoCrows

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    These are two of the most popular calibers in the US, you should have both.
    Between the two and all the users of them in the police, military and others resupply should not be too difficult.

    Pick the right gun, set up interchangeable barrels/slides.
    Also get .22LR conversion for truly cheap practice.

    Really the handguns are a backup, the bulk of your ammo supply should be rifle and shotgun.
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  9. ghrit

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    Your point of popular calibers is taken. So far as a 40 goes, my 45 will have to do for quite a while yet until I get a 9 to replace the one in the boat. (It was a war relic anyway.) I don't feel the need for a 40 with the 45 to hand.
  10. kckndrgn

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    I have both in the house. I like shooting the .40, my wife is more comfortable shooting the 9. I could easily go down to the 9 just to have only one caliber, but I like the option to have multiple calibers.
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  11. I have no want for a .40

    I own several 9mm

    Why, because back when high cap weapons started to have value for me .40 did not exist. I still like CZ 75s and browning high powers.

    I prefer a hammer over a striker fire and the .40's that are most cost effective are glocks.

    I also choose 9mm if I want a semi auto handgun for penetration.

    With the common advent of body armor, the potential for having to shoot through something must always be considered in a self defense cartridge.

    I would rather have a smaller boolet penetrate and touch the brain, than a larger one only sledgehammer a body armored chest.

    All in all I prefer .45 ACP but there is a place for 9mm.
  12. DarkLight

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    I personally own a Colt 1911-A1 in .45 and a just purchased a S&W M&P 9C (hopefully by the name it's obvious it's a 9mm). I like the 9mm, it's less expensive to shoot, the recoil is far less than the .45 and both my wife and 14yo daughter are more comfortable with it (big plus).
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    I shot both and carryed both in the line of duty and my personal choice for a long time had been a 45.acp cap but now it the 9mm cal because of the simple fact it easlyer on me to shoot .

    But it does come down to this basic fact use what is comfortable for you to shot and train with you and your love one's who will be carrying it and shooting it ,

    Also i would like to add this part the socalled 40.cal has become the socalled between the 9mm or the 45.acp and both calibers work when you do your part
  14. CATO

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    One thing to add to the characteristics column: decibels in a closed space (e.g., hallway or a car).
  15. techsar

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    Between 9mm and .40 I'd reach for the 9 - because I don't have/want/need a .40

    Plus, it would mean stocking up on another pistol caliber...and one that I don't have already in a long arm. IMHO, 9 choices is enough.
  16. TwoCrows

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    Including 9mm and .40S&W i am at 8 choices, and considering what the 9th will be.
  17. Rich Seal

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    I've used both & like both. Obviously the 9mm is less expensive to shoot but my preference is still a .40. I agree a .22LR is the best way to practice often; 9mm or .40 gets shot when you need to familiarize yourself or get re-acquainted with the weapon unless you have $$$ to burn. If finances permitted, I would have both. I already have my eyes on a S&W .40, so I'm trying to be unbiased as possible. With that said, time for .22LR practice.
  18. NWPilgrim

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    Even though I have all three calibers (9mm, .40 and .45), and personally prefer the .40, I would recommend the 9mm.

    If you have to choose just one then cost is a factor and in that case the 9mm wins. With bonded HP ammo the 9mm performs very well. Ammo and components will be cheaper. You will get far more cartridges in a given storage space. With slightly less recoil it is easier to train newbies.

    Ammo resupply via DHS?! Govt agency with a few billion rounds is not going to handout ammo, nor leave dead agents lying around to be salvaged. Think about how you might possibly benefit from this before counting it as a deciding factor. If anything, DHS may see you as a source of supply in bad times!

    More realistic is to look at which caliber is compatible with your nearby family, friends, and cooperating neighbors.

    One advantage of the .40 is that several models have 9mm replacement bbls available, but then you are stocking up on two calibers.
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  19. CATO

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    That is a great answer. +10

    I hold pragmatism over personal preference in high regard. [winkthumb]
  20. Idahoser

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