9mm revolver.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by VisuTrac, May 1, 2012.

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    Ok, It seems that I've got the hankering to locate a 9mm revolver.
    Anyone have one, how does it shoot, and most importantly, would you buy another one?
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    My uncle has one, and it always intrigued me. I only ever handled it a few times, as I don't get to see my uncle too much anymore. Its one of the Ruger Blackhawks, and such a heavy gun shooting 9mm is rather anti-climactic.

    It is sort of like shooting a downloaded .38 spl out of a heavy .357. The funny thing is the way the cartridge loads into the cylinder- it is spaced off the cartridge mouth and not the rim, because 9mm is rimless. It doesn't use full or half moon clips.

    The accuracy is good, even though the bullets are .002 smaller than they should be, and I was expecting them to bounce their way down the barrel. I wasn't driving tacks with it. I only ever shot it at 15 yards, so my experience is rather limited with this pistol.

    With that said, I wish Ruger would make a conversion cylinder in 9mm for a Vaquero and I would have it fitted in a heartbeat. You can never have too many options.
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    Water under the bridge....

    LOL .... good thread. I cut my teeth on a single action thumb buster. Killed a whole bunch of rabbits with it. Did all the wild west fast fire crap with it as well. Usually used half gallon milk cartons as targets at ten paces. Two would participate at a time with two cartons, a third person behind the shooters hollering "draw". It was pretty obvious who shot first as well as who hit the target. ..... Then I got spoiled by a 9mm Browning Hi Power autoloader. Damn, but I miss both of those guns and the water under the bridge since they passed from my hands.
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    Visu,Ask WitchDoctor01,he used to have one years ago.If I remember correctly,he really liked his.
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    This post got me thinking and I did a little 'net searching. It seems that there are a few gunsmiths willing to convert cylinders to all kinds of things. Moon clips for DA revolvers, caliber conversions, etc. GP-100's, SP-101's, you name it. It doesn't seem to be that big of a deal in the overall scheme of things.

    The really funny thing is, there was a convrtable .357 Vaquero made that came with an extra 9mm cylinder. The only problem is that they don't make that model anymore. That means I'll have to look around to find a spare cylinder for the Vaquero and have it bored/sleeved/chambered in 9mm and then fitted and timed.

    This might require some time and effort, as I can't find spare cylinders floating around on any of the gun parts sights. It looks like I would have to get it from Ruger itself, probably have to send the gun itself so they can fit and time it, get it back, then finally send the cylinder back out to get rechambered.

    At least the last part won't require sending the whole revolver.
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    The idea of a 9mm revolver intrigues me
    being that it's dead simple to use (few moving parts)
    uses a very popular cartridge (Nato Resupply ;) ) can't say the same for .357/.38, .44
    hit's harder than a .22,.25, .32 and maybe .38spl, .380

    sure it's a wheel gun with limited capacity but when it runs out of ammo I've got a big chunk of steel in my hand with which to use as a bludgeon if necessary.

    I'm not anticipating on it being a main artillery piece. If i need to bring it to bear, my tactics really suck or the situation went bad really quickly.

    I also know they make revolvers in .40S&W and .45ACP.

    those might also be nice for DHS and US Armory Resupply if necessary.

    Ooooo I feel a trip to get me a pistol permit in the very near future (as long as the missus doesn't find out.)
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    Man, you sure like to live on the razor edge. Better you than me. Good Luck.
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    how's that saying go .. if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much space?[aiw]
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    I have a blackhawk 9mm/357 Ilove it... sweet shooting and accuratewith both cylinders i had an option on a SA&W 547 and wish i picked it up but no such luck... it walked out past me as i went in to buy it....

    don't you hate it when that happens....
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    Michigan Legislature - House Bill 5225 (2011)

    MCRGO - Michigan Firearms Legislation

    FWIW, a little more info.

    I have two points of interest in this thread. First is the 9mm revolver. I would love to get my hands on a 9mm wheelgun. Part novelty, part planning around a simple mechanical device, and part consistency of caliber. The last reason is not reasonable though ... its that I could make multiple shots from inside a coat pocket. ;) I don't trust my small autos to fully return to battery. Plus, there are lots of reason NOT to shoot from a pocket. I know, not a reasonable reason.

    The second point of interest is the legislation. If we should take this to another thread, I'm all for it. MI has a lot of legislation on gun and other defensive devices these days. My understanding of 5225 does keep you from having a registered firearm. It just changes the process. Just like a CPL holder purchasing does not need a purchase permit, nor a "safety" inspection. But, the firearm is still tracked by sending a "proff of purchase" back to the local sheriff and state police. I assume the new system would work like that. Its still an improvement because you don't have to carry your green cards, but its not doing anything to really reduce tracking. It only eliminates that wasteful steps of going to the get the permit and get the green card.

    Back to the 9mm revolvers though. Who else makes them? I thought there was an old ruger that is out of production, a S&W that is still in very low quantity production, and a taurus perhaps?
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    Ruger convertible in blue or ss still in production

    The Ruger is still in production as a standard 357/9mm convertible offering in blue steel only, or as a distributor limited run in stainless steel
    Ruger® New Model Blackhawk® Distributor Exclusives Single-Action Revolver Models at this link at the left side of page, click on either "distributor exclusive" or "convertible" under the new model blackhawk listing
    and Taurus ... http://www.taurususa.com/product-details.cfm?id=338&category=Revolver&toggle=&breadcrumbseries=
    or ... http://www.taurususa.com/product-details.cfm?id=329&category=Revolver&toggle=&breadcrumbseries=
    according to the following article found, only the Ruger and Taurus are in current production.
    Some models of 9mm revolver are not in production, but may be found used if you search carefully for used 9mm revolvers. These 9mm revolvers include:
    • Smith & Wesson Model 940 The S&W 940 9mm Revolver was made from1991–1998 with a 1 7/8 inch barrel and from1991–1992 with an optional 3” barrel. It is capable of shooting 9mm parabellum (9 x 19 mm) ammunition by employing either a full- or half-moon clip, which both are used both to position and extract the cartridges. Some brands of 9mm ammunition casings are difficult to extract.
    Smith & Wesson Model 547 The S&W 547 9mm Revolver was made from 1980–1985. It some models have a 3-inch barrel, and some have a 4-inch barrel. It has a 6-round capacity and a horn-shaped extractor is used to extract the casings.
    Models of 9mm revolver that are currently available from their manufacturers as of the writing of this 9mm revolver article include:
    • Ruger Blackhawk Convertible The Blackhawk is a new model single-action revolver that comes in 4 models, two chambered for .357 Mag. and two for .45 Colt. While the two models chambered for .45 Colt have an extra cylinder for .45 Auto, the two models chambered for .357 Mag. have an extra cylinder for 9mm Luger. The two models that take 9mm rounds have a blued finish and a hard rubber black grip with a 6-round capacity. The larger has a 6.5 inch barrel, and the smaller has a 4.62 inch barrel, with overall lengths of 12.38 inches and 10.50 inches, respectively. There are mentions of the Ruger SP-101 having a 9mm option, but that is not borne out on the Ruger website.
    • Taurus Model 905 The Taurus Model 905 9mm Revolver is chambered for 9mm and .45 ACP, allowing law enforcement officers to share ammunition between a revolver and a pistol. The Model 905 has a transfer bar that prevents the revolver from firing without fully pulling the trigger. There is also a Taurus Security System, which uses a key to make the weapon inoperable. It is a snub-nosed revolver, having a 2-barrel, and has a 5-round capacity.
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    Well, Tac just about covered all that I know.
    There is a turkish company that purported to be building one i think it debut at the shot show this year. uses moon clips

    Charter Arms has been rumored for a couple of year to have one in the works but they do have it in .40 caliber.
    Charter Pit Bill #74020

    I'm leaning towards Taurus as the S&W's are carrying a premium well over worth to me.
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    My Ruger Blackhawk

    I have a Ruger new model Blackhawk convertible in 45 colt/45 acp. I got this with a survival handgun in mind. I am also going to get the model in 9mm/357 for survival use as well. I have alot of different ammo in my safe and think this would be a wise thing to have down the road. You can also load black powder cartridges as well. Get your primers stored and mold for balls and lot's of pyrodex or blackpowder. Something to think about for the future......Mike[peep]
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    I'm kind of liking the Taurus. Never owned a Taurus firearm. A friend had a 38spl, but got rid of it...

    I'm no expert on ammo, but would A REVOLVER designed to shoot 9x19 also effectively and safely shoot, 9mm Tokarov (9x18) and .380 auto (9x17)? I thought they had the same case diameter and lip, different length and charge.

    I love revolvers for the their simplicity and in some cases (pun intended), ammo flexibility. However, I only carry 9x19 for my own reasons. This is my primary reason for my interest in this. If it could shoot the others, that would simply add to the value in my eyes. Where I live and work, it seems that every single CPL holder carries a keltec or ruger 380. Having another ammo options if things went really south, is appealing.

    Thanks for the info folks. :)
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    The Tarus does have some interesting features but I think I would rebarrel it to a minimum 3" preferable 4"
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    If they use moon clips, you may be able to get away with it. If they don't use moon clips, the shorter cases will headspace on the rim and I don't think it will work.

    If you were to use moon clips with shorter cartridges, you would need to ensure very thorough chamber cleaning when changing from the shorter cartridges to the long ones because a crud ring could form in the rim portion of the chambers pinching the cartridge rims of the longer rounds and raising pressures.
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