A Better Way to Make Sweet Potato Slips.

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    Storing seed is a basic step in maintaining your subsistence garden. There may come a time when you can't just bop down to the Big Box and by a bunch of little seed packs.

    Sweet potatoes are a basic food, but they aren't started from seeds. They/re started from slips--small portions of a sweet potato that are usually rooted in a glass of water.

    Sweet potatoes are easy to store over winter, but getting a bunch of slips started in the spring was usually a pain, and involved a relatively high number of failures.

    This article shows a better way. More slips with less work, and fewer losses along the way:
    A New Way to Grow Sweet Potatoes Slips
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    Nice find @UncleMorgan . It all makes sense and is simple. Doing it this way will give you a nice jump on Spring planting.
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    These are a great plant for alot of reasons. IF you want green foliage in your out door pots these are great with flowers

    Disney uses them for all of their greener in the Magic Kingdom.
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    Thank you for the idea. Sounds good and well worth trying. Slips are expensive and not easy to find here in NH. And when you do find them, they are often in poor condition.
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