A BIG land grab by the .gov

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    Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act.
    On March 14, 2013, Rep Carolyn Maloney and 4 sponsors introduced in the US Congress HR 1187, which describes its objective as follows:
    To designate certain National Forest System lands and public lands under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior in the States of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming as wilderness and wild and scenic rivers, to provide for the establishment of a Northern Rockies Wildlife Habitat and Corridors Information System and Program, and for other purposes​

    You will note none of the sponsors reside in the affected states. There is no information on how many new acres of land will potentially transfer to the US Government. The Northern Rockies Wildlife Habitat and Corridors Information System and Program sounds like the culmination of the plan to remove the population in these states to large cities.
    The catch all is “and for other purposes.” This is one of those Nancy Pelosi things where we will not know what the bill really contains until we pass it.

    I found this on polymontana.com good stuff on that site

    H.R.1187 - Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act - Bill Text | Congress.gov | Library of Congress
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    oooo Agenda 21 methinks.
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    If you go into the finer details of the bill it does spell out the total acreage affected for each area which is substantial. There are no sponsors from any of the states listed in the bill, most likely to protect them from their constituents in the coming elections. :mad:

    The sponsor of this bill also sponsored this bill- H.R.1369 - To prohibit the sale of a firearm to, and the purchase of a firearm by, a person who is not covered by appropriate liability insurance coverage. | Congress.gov | Library of Congress
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    Liberal Greenies are behind these Land Grab Bills..... We get these things all the time up here in Alaska... As far as I am concerned, NO such Bill should be allowed to even get put forward EXCEPT by a Federal Legislator, ELECTED from the State effected. My Opinion..... YMMV....
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    And do it like the ancient Greeks with a noose around your neck, if the bill fails, they tightened the noose. If you were from far away, they just sent the tightened knot back as proof of the outcome. That way, you really had to believe your idea was a good one.
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