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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Sep 25, 2011.

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    HOLY COW!!!!
    Doesn't that misbegotten misadministration know if they trounce on parent's healthcare for their kids like that, they WILL be drug out of Congress and the Whitehouse by their ears and given one "H" of a shellacking!? THIS is BS of the most extreme sort.

    I see one BIG whopping bonfire on Capitol Hill in the near future if this nonsense is allowed to pass. [beat]
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    Hate to break some news but thats already happened on the script stuff. Not only that but they also have a counter on them which is suppose to tell you how many puffs you have left. The cost HAS went up on the new inhalers which have the new delivery system and new vial doesn't fit in the old plastic inhaler. So you can't just buy the refill you have to buy the whole damn thing.

    Another point on the new inhalers is that they have a shorter expiration date on them. Now we all pretty much know that even tho the expiration date is set to stave off lawsuits schools and daycare facilities mandate that the inhalers they have are current., obvious reasons why. So people with children whom are asthmatic are forced to pay a higher price time and again.

    Last point on them. There are also new regs that the new inhalers have counters on them so that also adds to the cost since the counter is non-resettable. So you have a higher cost for the delivery system and you have a higher cost for the plastic head since you have to have a counter system put on it. It all adds up to a higher production cost. Most of the new regs have come out for our "safety" which all means we no longer know how to take care of ourselves we should just let das goverment lead us and trust in them.

    Take care Be safe, Poacher.
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