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    Just as in America and Australia, if all the foreigners left, Britain would be depopulated.
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    It's not foreigners, but illegal aliens, that are the problem. I know people from many different countries, good people, some of them strange, but all wanting to be Americans, and following the rules to become citizens. But I spent 5 years in Californication, and saw first hand what the massing waves of illegals were doing to the system. The only school system I have ever seen where the schools were wrapped with 12foot chainlink and razor wire on the INSIDE. Classrooms crowded to the point of bursting, and teachers trying to teach in several languages at once.
    The gangs are rampant, and violence is common place. I have been shot at, attacked physicality, tires slashed, batteries stolen, burglarized, and nearly mugged. (they got it on the store video feed, I nearly killed him, but there were three, and I had to make a point)
    Court rooms are overflowing, and overwhelmed, and justice is stunted. And there are more illegals every year, than there were the year before. Most of them are repeat offenders( deported many times) I have seen some return in less than a week.
    I am not a violent man, (vigilant, not violent) but my high school and college martial arts training got more field work in that 5 years, than in the rest of my adult life.
    There are French, German, Two tribes of Indians, and many other nationalities in my family. I'm not prejudiced. But the illegals are crushing the system.
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