A Call for A General Strike

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    A Call for A General Strike

    by John Galt

    February 4, 2009

    The system is broken.

    As we have witnessed since the first hints of the financial crisis appeared in February of 2007 the deterioration of our nation’s willingness to accept the challenges of a free people and the consequences of government modified “capitalism” has become quite apparent.

    The recent results in our nation of some of the people and selected leaders in the corporate community who are willing to sacrifice the free market system are quite disturbing thus far. The rush to embrace a hybrid socialist system like European France or Communist China’s, enforces the belief that they, those that are in power, will proceed without regard to the Constitutional consequences or long term economic impact which will be felt in our lifetime.

    This event, should it be embraced, might be our final chance to send a message to the corporate and government leeches sucking the life blood out of our capitalist system.

    Thus, be it declared today, I am asking those who love our nation, who love freedom and endorse the capitalist system to decide on the holiday of the Marxist thieves that May 1, 2009 be the day that we, the providers, the creators, the entrepreneurs elect to go on strike.

    I realize that the true Marxists within our borders will greet this and read this as a sign of weakness or capitulation on our behalf that the system we believe in is failing. That is so pathetic and far from the truth it is laughable.

    Unfortunately for the proletariat (their favorite word, not mine), this strike is not for their benefit in the short term but could save the jobs they desire so preciously in the long term. This strike is by invitation only.

    Therefore, I invite the creators to take a day off.

    Play golf, read a book, short the stock market, or better yet, enjoy a day with your family, but do not produce, promote or give a dime to the current “system” as those who enslave us would desire it to be at this time.

    The goals of this strike are simple for those who work, difficult for those that steal:

    - To close their businesses and to tell their employees that they get an unpaid day off, courtesy of the blood-suckers who steal the profits that so many work hard and innovate to create.

    - To send a message by not generating taxable payroll or income for the profit of government.

    - To remind the theorists in their ivory towers that they Utopian naivety of socialism comes at a cost when they producers refuse to willfully submit.

    - To tell the “governments” at every level that they are in place to serve “we the people” and not become a “co-owner” or partner of an endeavor that the individual creates through their own individual hard work and effort.

    - To take their piggish trough away for twenty-four hours and remind them that free will is the driving force in economics, not government bureaucracy or technocracy.

    - To demonstrate that for one day, freedom can not be silenced. No matter the regulations or rules, rulings or edicts, and declarations or resolutions. Without the creators, your life is nothing. It is dust. It is useless. It is a fantasy. Remember this our enslavers, as you serve for us, until we quit. Because when we depart, you have NOTHING.

    Imagine the franchisee who owns seven gas station and convenience stores in your town shutting down for one day. Then contemplate the competition electing to follow his or hers lead and doing the same. Then think about dentists and doctors, lawyers and stock brokers, electricians and plumbers following the lead. The humor of hearing a politician told on the phone that there are no plumbers because they are on strike as sewage backs up into their palaces is amusing at least, pure justice at best.

    It would have a profound impact if enough serious capitalists participated, creating a one day bottleneck causing the elitists to realize the folly in their ways if we are fortunate.

    The question will arise however, “what about the poor employees in this desperate time of need?” Too bad.

    Remind them that there is no “right to a job” nor a “right to a 40 hour work week” just as you have no right to determine how much tribute you pay the government each year as a hostage to the tax system, something not intended by our Founding Fathers since the Republic was created.

    If they feel obligated to get upset with you, remind them that their submission to your employment was of their own free will, and the existence of their position is of your choice, not theirs. They are willingly exchanging their labor for your monies; remind them of this fact. And if they persist, advise them of their right to resign or seek employment elsewhere; including that position of “ward of the state” where they can join the leeches to suck the life blood out of your hard earned capital.

    Better yet, remind the disgruntled they could work harder. They could elect to start their own company, working for themselves to discover the price they pay for self-employment and risks of determining one’s own future in our current economy. That would be the prudent course, though many will be too terrified to accept it.

    This measure is the only message our political elites will understand. To declare that for one day, we enjoy peace, quiet and freedom for ourselves. That the phone calls they receive from the “employees” of rage and anger for losing a day’s pay without any hope of compensation is the result of their own arrogance. There is no hope, no change, no freedom approaching from the new leadership, thus the gap in time from today’s call until May 1st. I think we shall see a further deterioration in the free enterprise system and the ideals most of us support.

    Why you ask?

    This might just be our last chance to act before our nation surrenders our remaining freedom for security, innovation for GOSPLAN, and nationalism for globalism, as it could take one or two generations to recover from this era of new leftist extremes.

    How did I reach this conclusion?

    Because socialism enables fascism and fascism enables socialism.

    The most important thing to contemplate is that freedom is solely dependent on capitalism as capitalism requires freedom.

    I pray our producers, our innovators, our creators, choose wisely.

    History will judge us for the decisions we make.


    -John Galt

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    "John Galt" is the name of the radical character in Ayn Rands' thick classic "atlas shrugged" ( I have yet to get through;as IMHO half reads like a romance novel..) galt organizes the same kind of action; where the "creators"(including big industrialists go "underground" in a hidden town and withdraw from the system...
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    It's a guy out of Tampa that uses that as his radio, forum, and internet name.

    Good catch on the name use though. I am in the middle of reading Atlas Shrugged right now. She truely takes forever to get to the point in her writing style.
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