A call out to all guys in the trades

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vonslob, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. vonslob

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    I work for a commercial plumber and we are usually busy throughout the summer. We had a job working on several eyeglass stores that has now been cancelled. At lunch today I was talking to one of the managers who is a licensed electrician but has to work in his girlfriends german restaurant to make ends meet and to stay busy. Things are bad where I am at, general contractors doing landscape jobs, we are doing home remodels to stay busy. My question is this how are the rest of you guys doing, those that work in the trades. I work for a family business that has been around for twenty years and we are begging for work. I have been doing irrigation jobs just to stay busy and it is a struggle to keep busy.
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  2. Yard Dart

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    I work in the electrical construction industry in the Seattle, WA market. We are slammed and barely able to man job's due to the shortage of qualified hands. We are an IBEW shop so that does narrow our man-power window a bit....just for the record, as we can not just hire any schmuck off the street and throw some Klein's at him and say he is an electrician. ;)

    Currently we have 165 guys on book 1 and two years ago we were hovering around a 1,000 at any given time waiting for work. 165 is a low number and represents mostly folks that either don't want to work, or can not due to whatever circumstance. I check the hotline for call-outs weekly and we are seeing a lot of calls never filled. Our competition is having the same issue as we are with manpower and everyone is raising rates to offset overtime needed to complete projects. We have so much going on right now that we are selectively bidding projects and turning down the shitty opportunities.....

    The same goes for most trades around here, everyone is busy. The NW did not get hurt as bad as the rest of the country and I think due to our market, we rebounded quicker than most. If you drive through Seattle, it is like crane city.... lot's of buildings coming out of the ground. We have hired 6 new guys this week..... a couple of them are bottom of the barrel.... but we will work them till they have to be turned.
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  3. madmax

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    I'm retired (but I may start up something again), The only trade biz that isn't hurting around me is repair. People have a hard time getting someone to come. I've done a little of everything and I know repair sucks compared to new builds. I've got friends who retired, got bored, and started a "part time" biz. They work harder now than they did before. I don't want to fall into that trap.
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    Work is out there. Recently; electrical had a little (3 week) lull. Plumbers seem to be staying busy. Roofing contractors I talk to didn't even have the winter slow-down that they usually experience and can't find enough men to do the work. Insulators and abaters; same thing. They're looking for people to fill projects that are already on the books. Carpenters I've talked to are staying busy; at least on the residential level and demo contractors are tearing houses down to beat all in the Portland area - just in time to "up" the local housing market, as they've created a shortage of available buildings to purchase.
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  5. wnn

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    Im in central florida & welding . company isnt booming like it has in the past few yrs @ this time. Been whorin our selves out to making hotdog carts & we are in the top 3 in the country for railing. Its either feast or famine.
  6. kellory

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    People put off new product as long as they can, they put off cosmetic issues and new installs beyond when they would have before, but they will have to repair what's broken, and secure what will cost them more to lose.
    I keep people out of places they do not belong.if it has to do with controlled access, we do it.
    We have slowed down, but when we are needed, we may work all day and all night.
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    I have done three bids in the last five days, one has been accepted. People are looking for lowest price contractor and that is not me or my boss. We are not the most expensive nor are we the cheapest. But is does suck losing a job to a cut rate guy, most likely the work will be subpar. Our main general contractor has declared bankruptcy but the bigger contractors want to keep him working so who know maybe there is more work out there. My boss had been trying to keep me busy working on his property outside of pie town nm but there is only so much work to be done (built him a 10x10 outhouse with running water). It sounds like the pacific northwest is rolling, I am glad someone is busy.
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  8. kellory

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    I'm in Ohio. And folks are not really rational about what company they use.
    Case in point: I once worked for a company that had three names for different regions. All three rang into the same desk, yet folks would price shop all three, and often chose the highest price quoted, thinking they would be getting more. All were quoted for the same jobs, and they had no idea the companies were all one. But because they were in another's area, it was higher cost for fuel, and time.
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    Colorado front range is booming and has been for a year or two. Lots to bid, lots of work, very few skilled workers. If you pay top dollar, you get the workers. Housing is real expensive so expect much of your wages to go to rent. For new home building- they can't build them fast enough.
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  10. vonslob

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    @Motomom34 it might come down to me heading up to Colorado, the telluride area is where I have contacts, I just hate to leave my family.
  11. whynot

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    Boise, Idaho is cooking right along.
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  12. Witch Doctor 01

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    consider going to one of the big box building stores and making friends with the contracting staff... I have used several individuals that they recommended.. Might be worth a shot... NC is growing in the large towns... agriculture always seems to have work ...
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    Ewing irrigation and sisco sprinkler supply refer me so irrigation jobs are not a problem. @Witch Doctor 01 thank you for the tip. Finding work in not an issue, I could always work for my father, but sitting at a desk for 52 weeks makes my skin crawl. I guess I am picky.
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  14. Mike

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    Hang in there, times are tough.
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  15. Mike

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    Ok. For telecom, specifically microwave installation technicians, last year was a disaster. But I got by working for a company that was cheap, but got some jobs. Very little work, poor management. But last few weeks have turned great. I got a job offer for an engineer slot in New Orleans. Thrilled. Then today I got a call from a company I contacted about 2 weeks ago, they want me. But I've chosen the engineer slot. Will be a huge change on my resume. So, things are turning. Hang in there. Pray. Keep your reputation golden, and do a great job.
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  16. Cruisin Sloth

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    Well I was a Boss / owner PLUS .
    Many days I pushed a broom , cleaned etc. Those who WORKED for me knew , we all worked as a team .
    & Yes I fixed shitters as most real bosses would , either buy sub out or not like me .

    Best ladder I know is horizontal so the fall is kept within the company of fools with a boss who still knows how to work a broom . !!
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    What does this have to do with the economic conditions of your area.
  18. -06

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    Charlotte, like the Atlanta area have continued to climb. Many I know commute to there for work as it is slow outside the metro area. I move houses/buildings and have stayed busy even though I have had to travel more than I like. Right now am booked through June due to the bypass on US 74. Good work and only 20 miles from home. Most of the masons/carpenters/etc have finally gotten busy locally--of course it is spring building time.
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  19. Cruisin Sloth

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    None , Im no longer a person who buys himself & others a job, The .GOV made sure all my perks were taxed . I decided to retire and become a farmer that trades his wares with other farmers .
    Our economic conditions are all young workers are away on the tar sands or making basic wages , just enough to keep treading .
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