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    :lol: For once, procedural errors worked the right way.
    Copy/paste because this is not going to be front page news for long.

    From the Missouri Times:

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Rep. Deb Lavender, D-Kirkwood, might have accidentally strengthened a concealed carry law Wednesday afternoon, when she ran out of time to withdraw an amendment she offered that would open the state capitol to concealed carry for members of the public.

    Several House Republicans laughed and clapped when Lavender ran out of time while closing the amendment, believing she intended to withdraw the amendment before her time ran out. Members quickly took to social media to rub in the victory.

    “Sometimes in an effort to prove a point, a representative might introdouce an amendment taht seems totally outrageous tho that rep but the amendment is introduced nonetheless becuase that rep it will help them prove a point,” Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Union wrote on Facebook. “I think [Lavender] was about to withdraw the amendment during her closing argument when she talked her way through the 1 minute limit for her closing speech and the speaker slammed the gavel and opened the board for her amendment to be voted on. SHE TALKED SO LONG SHE RAN OUT OF TIME TO WITHDRAW HER AMENDMENT. The amendment passed with about 115 voting YES and now the proposed bill is an even stronger 2nd amendment bill because of her amendment.”
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    Seriously? I need to move back to the south. Now, for the amendment to nuke Ferguson...
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    The South is a lot more gun friendly than the North. In NC, there are 2 unfriendly counties, Wake (Raleigh) and Mecklenburg (Charlotte.)

    Nuked or not, Ferguson is a toxic waste site.
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    That's too funny! Talk about backfire.
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