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    This current president has lied to the American people, distorted the facts on numerous occasions for political advantage and disregards the constitution on a regular basis. The sheep just keep moving down the road in the direction he is herding them towards- the cliff.

    After Benghazi, IRS tea party probe: Govt seized AP phone records | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

    AP Story Quoted Above:
    Gov't obtains wide AP phone records in probe - Yahoo! News

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    I think what the president has/is a cluster ___ of the greatest magnitude. How many other warriors have to die to cover up the administrations lack of leadership? How many more citizens and groups will have their rights, privacy and way of life trampled upon? My guess is this mess will continue and spiral us right into the ground if something is not done soon.
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    An interesting Opinion piece by Judge Napolitano
    Storm clouds gathering -- your safety, your freedoms and the Obama White House | Fox News

    "If the president keeps us safe but not free, he is not doing his job. " Exactly!!!!
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