A Coup Is Underway

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    The CIA is famous for toppling foreign governments in order to install puppet regimes the U.S. can control or exploit on behalf of the corporatocracy and military-industrial complex.

    The CIA’s first victim was Iran’s Mohammed Mossadegh in 1951. Mossadegh was the democratically-elected prime minister. He ran afoul of Great Britain’s and America’s powerful oil interests when he nationalized his country’s petroleum assets, which cut out the British petroleum company that would later become BP.

    In order to avoid provoking a military confrontation with the Soviet Union if England and America resorted to a military option to settle the Iran problem, the CIA sent Theodore Roosevelt’s grandson, Kermit, with wads of cash and the imprimatur to use threats of violence. With payoffs and threats he organized a series of street protests which led to the toppling of Mossedegh’s government. The U.S. then installed Mahammed Reza Shah as Iran’s dictator.

    The CIA used similar methods to topple regimes in Central and South America over the years, as well as in Egypt in 2011, in Libya in 2011 and in the Ukraine in 2014.

    In 1963, the CIA pulled off its first coup in the U.S. with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was targeted because he failed to support the CIA’s operation at Bay of Pigs, because he wanted to pull the U.S. out of Vietnam, and because of his Executive Order 11110 which returned the power to create and issue currency from the Federal Reserve back to the federal government.

    Now the CIA is attempting another U.S. coup, and it just gained its first victim, Donald Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

    Trump had been warned by Senator Chuck Schumer not to take on the Deep State intelligence agencies because they had many ways of retaliation. The CIA had its long knives out for Flynn from the beginning. He was seen as one intelligence officer with the guts to blow the whistle on catastrophic intelligence and operation failures.

    But Flynn is only the first step. The main target of the CIA and Deep State is Trump. Some smaller fish may fall along the way, but Trump poses the greatest threat to the establishment and MIC.

    He must drain the swamp before the Deep State finishes its coup.
    A coup is underway - Personal Liberty®
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    I have no doubt what Yard Dart posted is truth, Frankly, I am surprised it hasn't happend all ready! Times will tell the tails! We all ready saw the top bitch walk with out justice, proof the fix is in!
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    It's not just the alphabet agencies, but the pharmaceutical industry, defense contractors, a host of bureaucrats, dirty politicians, and left wing radicals, and an entrenched group of perverts.

    The Deep State is toast, even if they manage to nullify the actions of 45, their days are numbered and their organization is cometing to a crash.
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  4. Ura-Ki

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    I think your right Oltymer!
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    I saw a poll today about how much each agencies personnel donated to Hillary vs Trump. The Bureaucrats overwhelmingly contributed to the beast over Trump by mostly 90%. The bureaucracy of the government has much to loose if he follows his pledge to reign in government. If he plays it right, we have a massive reduction in government personnel... but if they can help it... he will be just like JFK..... food for thought. Short answer to the Monkeys...stay frosty, and keep your prep's up to date!!!
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    This is starting to read like a Vince Flynn novel. Where is Mitch Rapp when you need him?
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  7. duane

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    Don't know what is happening or who is organizing it, but we are becoming more polarized ever day and the powers that be, the bureaucracy, the racial groups, etc are all fighting for their power and control. When the elephants war, the mice had better hide. Problem is I am an old mouse with very few places to hide and it doesn't look good. It would help if we had some form of news that would tell what is really happening, instead we only have propaganda from all sides. To me, the real problem is the deficit and the inability of our country as a whole to be able to cut it out, no hope of paying it off. In the past, Germany in the 1920's, Russia in the 1910"s, etc this has lead to some very bad outcomes. I don't believe it is a good time to be in any city now, and you had better have your beans, rice and friends together now as it looks like most of us can only hide and watch and pray. In my 79 years I have watched this country stagger from one crisis to the next and only hope that somehow our native resilience and God's help will lead us through this one.
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  8. DKR

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    Every President that opposed the Bankers wound up on the wrong side of the dirt....J eff'n K was just the latest.
  9. BlueDuck

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    Doing the right thing has never been easy. This country was started by some, who put it all on the line. Sometimes that's the only way.
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    Interesting article...scary too because if it is true then sooner or later this House of Cards will crash. My guess is there is much truth in the article, probably not 100% correct but close enough. And, it DOES all come down to money and bankers (cudos to @DKR).

    It's terrifying when you think of it. We have this reasonable standard of living and a great military (that is used around the world) but it is funded by credit that is based on nothing and the credit debt gets larger and larger every year yet no leadership or bankers are concerned. It's like they know the end game and they have a plan.

    On a side note, I never could understand why Kennedy didn't support the Bay of Pigs after the invasion was underway. I mean, they already were in the muck and it was obvious that the US was going to be blamed so 'in for a penny, in for a pound' and send in air support and marines. I wonder why?
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    This isn't even close to being tinfoil because it is painfully obvious on so many levels, one would have to be either a struggling savant or a complete brainwashed yuppie to not see.

    However, the only question that ought to be asked is, is this all a "coup" by circumstance alone, or is this a well thought out method to further erode the great American experiment with both parties involved as well as the Executive?

    It doesn't hurt to speculate about the details, just as long as we continue to remember the entrenched and very real corruption which exists in corporate America.
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  12. Ura-Ki

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    Ike warned us about this back at the end of his presidency, it was suppressed in the MSM for quite some time, but it finally got out. The 'Powers that be" have had it in for the Kennedy family since Ol' Joe first stuck his pinky toe into politics, and every one that got involved in politics ended up dead, should tell us something right there. All of our wars have been for power or control of something that wasn't ours, or installing a puppet master to tow the line we spun for him to get and maintain what "we" wanted. The bankers pull the strings at every level, and the Billionaires "own" every thing. Look at what Bloomburg actually owns, Look at Soros and what he actually owns, pretty big share of power.
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  13. DKR

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    If J eff'n K had sent in the Marines, most of the East Coast would now (today) be defined as the "Long Term Radiation Danger Zone" The Soviets had live rockets and the 'keys' to activate the nukes.

    Of course, most of the USSR would now be called "The Dead Zone"....
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  14. nkawtg

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    Gen. Michael Flynn is free!

    Justice Department dropping Flynn’s Trump-Russia case
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department on Thursday said it is dropping the criminal case against President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, abandoning a prosecution that became a rallying cry for the president and his supporters in attacking the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation.

    The action was a stunning reversal for one of the signature cases brought by special counsel Robert Mueller. It comes even though prosecutors for the past three years have maintained that Flynn lied to the FBI in a January 2017 interview about his conversations with the Russian ambassador.

    Justice Department dropping Flynn's Trump-Russia case

  15. ghrit

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    Good decision. Now they need to reimburse him for what he spent defending himself against false charges.

    Also a good decision to think about reinstating that ship's Captain that was taken out of command. (But if I was him, I would not take the offer.)
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  16. DKR

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    Want to know who is fighting Trump?

    Look to see who's nose is deepest int he public trough
    I think you'll find a LOT of little piggies....
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  17. DKR

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    and it looks like the Schift is about to hit the fan
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  18. ghrit

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    I'm gonna laugh, especially if nadler falls into the same set of blades.
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  19. DKR

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    Both need to get a quality "Perp walk" before being locked up and the key tossed....
  20. ColtCarbine

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    Willing to bet nobody is EVER prosecuted for this...
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