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    Yesterday I had a class and when it was over I spoke with one of the other guys. He heard what I did for a living and stated he was a financial planner. I said, "Well you get to work in fun times, I just buy gold." He smiled and said, "That is good. We should get together and have lunch and compare notes. With the next depression starting in 2009 and expected to end around 2024, we could probably share a good amount of information with each other that would be helpful."

    Fast forward to today:

    Out to lunch and overheard a table next to me have a discussion about the stock market. The know-it-all of the group stated, "We have seen the market bottom for the year according to the guys I know at (Insert Major Brokerage House Here). They say the fed is dropping rates to allow banks to fix their loan problems. The first quarter refinances are way ahead of last year and they should be able to refinance themselves out of this problem. Once that is cleaned-up, it will be back to the bull stock market and we will be back to 14,000 by the end of the year." (Clyde's snide remark to self: sounds like a huge selling opportunity for the brokerages houses!)

    Now...I am don't have all the answers, but these are two very divergent opinions of the future. I am planning on lunch with the first guy in the next week or so because he is the first person in that industry that has expressed how I feel.
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