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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Castiel, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Castiel

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    Instead of making 5 new threads, I figured it would be better for me, and all of you if I just make one thread.

    1. What is a good quality lock picking kit(many need it to last through armageddon)? Also, any suggestions on books/guides on lock picking?seesaw

    2. I have one of thos maglight solitaires on my keychain. I want to know about transforming it into an LED light. Anyone ever do this?

    3. Aside from the SAS, what other books on survival would you recommend? This can be from wilderness to urban.

    4. Making cordage (natural) when you don't have any in an emergency situation?

    5. I realize all wool blankets arent the same. Any suggestions for a few?

    6. Best compass for the money?

    7. Most durable tarp AND poncho?

    8. Types of firestarter suggestions? (cotton balls with petroleum get too messy. Especially if I have one for a wallet survival kit.)

    Ok, so eight lol. I know its a lot of questions, but Iam still trying to learn. Iam relatively new to all this. Thank you.
  2. Tracy

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    It is not legal everywhere to have burglar tools. Check your local area laws.

    Granted, if you're in possession, the prosecution has to prove intent, but the fact that you're in possession of these tools may be considered prima facie evidence of an intent to commit burglary or robbery.
  3. ghrit

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    Cas, with all due respect, most of your questions have answers somewhere on this forum. That said Tracey's answer is good for No. 1. PIcking tools are readily available in various on line and other shops. Try Brookstones.
    For 2, check Watchmaker's threads.
    For 3, check the reading room forum.
    For 4, there is a recent post in the reading room as well with a link to a pdf series of books that have that.
    For 5, I personally have no answer, and haven't looked. You might google point blankets, there could be something closely allied there.
    For 6, as true in so many cases, what do you want to use it for? Too many types to randomly pick.
    For 7, do a search on this site.
    For 8, there are too many answers to that. Search the forum, there's lots of hints and tips here.

    More than half the fun of prepping is in the research, and I for one won't rob you of the pleasure. Welcome and good reading.
  4. tacmotusn

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    For question 5, you get what you pay for. At one time I was into primative muzzleloading rendezvous and shooting. You get what you pay for. Top of the line would be Hudson bay 4 point blankets. Pendelton products very close behind. Both are available in heavy weights and 100 percent wool and various sizes. I have had and regularly used my queen size red 100 percent wool Hudson bay balanket for 30 years so far. I have also purchased 70/30 wool/synthetic blend blankets with basted edges (sewn edges) by the dozen to provide to the local Catholic Charities family shelter at a price of $6 each. My Hudson bay blanket was $90 when I bought it.
  5. Brokor

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    Cheaperthandirt.com - DBA-774 - Lock Picking Sets 20 Pieces Includes Picks and Rakes One of the best sets on the market.
    Lights on the keychain are crap, EDC should be lightweight. You might want to get in the habit of carrying beltline kit or a maxpedition if you find that you "need more", and include a dependable light.
    try Scribd for alternative reading
    If you really want to lash something down, then there are numerous vines that can be used in the wild, but mostly it depends on your climate and environment. Out west, the fibers from cactus work well, and northeastern climate zones offer roots and vines.
    The Swiss wool blankets are lightweight and durable.
    A good map compass is indispensable.
    MOST durable equals big money, but some of the best out there offer strength and light weight -I use several DDHammock products: DD Hammocks - Camping & Travel Hammocks, Jungle Hammocks but there are also some excellent products made by Kifaru that will not let you down.
    Trioxane tabs, charred cloth/twine, there are all kinds of alternatives. Even an old rubber innertube from a bicycle tire, cut to size your kit works well.
  6. Castiel

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    Great, thanks! Now any books or videos on lockpicking and I'm all set with my questions.[beer]
  7. tacmotusn

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    Check "loompanics" or "paladin press". Just google them. I am pretty sure both have books covering that.
  8. Brokor

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    There you go. Don't say I never did anything for you! (see attachment)

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  9. Castiel

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    Thank you all so much. This is a great start for me.
  10. Tango3

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    basic pick tools can be hand made with files using heavy plumbers snake for flat steel, that was the first block of the "advanced securities vulnerabilities"(lock and alarm school) class I had in afosi tech services, scribe a pattern, file to shape and thickness finish with 400 grit. they are stiffer andhavebetter feel than the plastic handle tools in the kits They gave us.Still got my set stashed some where its a very tactile skill. Once you get a little feel(skill) you have to keep up with it, I lost alot of sensitivity(feel) and and dexterity after my left sided stroke.I can still do "It". But Not as quickly as "back in the day".
    Here's a tip: if you are becoming frustrated and getting nowhere; you are applying too much tension; use a lighter tension wrench and less finger pressure, seems when ever I'm getting my butt kicked, that's the change of "combination" that works. change things up try lifting some inner pins then work outword or reverse if that's what you were doing.
  11. melbo

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  12. Tango3

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    Handmade tools, hook, diamond, and "stick knife"
    looks like Ive bent my hook abit.
    IMG_6696.JPG IMG_6694_edited-1.
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