a CPAP machine may be GREAT for you

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by john316, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. john316

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    CPAP machines don’t prevent heart attacks, strokes in some sleep apnea sufferers

    its on the web……………..it must be true…………..it must be important



    but……….they NEVER told me it would prevent heart attacks

    they did say it would help me get air……..my heart likes air…...and it does

    they did say that I would sleep better……………………………..and I do

    they did say many headaches come from lack of air…………...and they were right

    they said I WOULD DREAM again………………………………..and I do

    do you dream…………….if you do not………….a CPAP machine may be GREAT for you

    you can even get a 12 volt model
  2. Sgt Nambu

    Sgt Nambu RIP 4/19/2018

    I've used one for ten years, mine was a late diagnosis and did save my life! A CPAP may not prevent heart attack, but not using one brings the odds of having one way up!
    If you're suffering from acute sleep apnea, you don't know how sick you are. The first time you get a nights sleep, often in the hospital test, you just won't believe how great you'll feel!:)
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  3. john316

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    yes what he said
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  4. ditch witch

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    When I first met the Mr, he would literally fall asleep the instant he sat down on anything comfortable. Now I know I can ramble on, but please, I don't put people to sleep before the first sentence ends. Not just me either, he did that whenever he sat down no matter where it was. My mom was convinced he was on drugs, heh.

    Then there was the issue of his snoring, holy CRAP it sounded like he was dying. This sort of long drug out death gasp followed by nothing, then just when I was sure he was dead he'd suck in air in this rattling snork, then snore snore snore then back to the weird gasp, hiss, nothing, snorking. I finally drug him to the sleep study place a few years ago and they slapped a CPAP on him about an hour after he fell asleep.

    To say he hates it is an understatement, and he's always claiming he sleeps worse, but we both know that's just BS. He can actually sit down and watch a movie now without falling asleep 10 minutes into it, and doesn't pass out at his desk any more. Memory has improved, headaches are gone, all around he's doing a LOT better. He still snores, but it's rhythmical and steady now, and a whole helluvalot quieter. I don't know if it will help prevent heart attacks, unless you count the one he had coming from me eventually tasering him in the middle of the night to shut that gawdawful snorking up.
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  6. Ganado

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    @Legion489 if that was meant as an actual joke or teasing, you might want to add a smiley face so that we know you have a sense of humor:cool::D
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    In the OLD Days, it was in the Hospital, after the Car Wreck. due to falling asleep at the wheel, that 90% of the Sleep Apnea Cases were diagnosed, by the Nurses on the Hospital Night Staff.... I was nearly, one of those.... I had a 30 mile freeway Drive, from Work to Home, and MANY Days, I would find myself parked in the Driveway and NOT remembering 80% of the drive home.... I was falling asleep, at the Dinner Table, at the Messhall, in the summers, and my BOSS, told my wife he was shipping me to Seattle, to figure out what the deal was.... Then there was only ONE Outfit in the PNW, that did Sleep Studies... Providence Hospital in Seattle, and it was a very NEW Field of Study.... Been on CPAP, ever since... (25+ Years) Still have some sleep issues, but NOTHING like before.... If you have Sleep Issues, DO NOT WAIT, Go see a Sleep Specialist, NOW... It will change your Life....
  8. ditch witch

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    No worries, I have a taser that will cure that. :)
  9. Sgt Nambu

    Sgt Nambu RIP 4/19/2018

    Yeah, I hated mine at first, too! Hated it for the first couple of years. But, I wore it religiously, even for naps! Eventually, I got used to it, and a couple of new generations of machines and rigging helped a lot. It's much more comfortable nowadays!
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  10. Shotgunpapa

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    I love mine it helps me sleep better and my Girl friend
  11. TXKajun

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    How very timely! I've been a CPAP/APAP user since 2005.and had my first followup sleep test this past Thursday night. These machines literally gave me back my life 11 years ago. Yep, falling asleep at desk, falling asleep in first 5 minutes of movie, in waiting rooms, on the airplane before they closed the front door, almost at red lights, scaring Sweetie with the snoring, gasping, repeat many times an hour. The thing that got me was the morning after my first sleep test.....I work up feeling GREAT!!! I mean to say it was like I had finally gotten a good night's sleep after 6 or 7 years of slowly dying.

    Anywho, the test is not too bad. The room looks like a hotel room, the technician straps allllllll kinds of sensors on you, you sleep without CPAP first, then with and when you wake, the technician doesn't tell you much......all they are trained to do is administer the test, the sleep dr will interpret results.

    A pain? Yep. Worth it? YEP!!

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  12. Dont

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    My problem is not falling asleep all the time. It's falling asleep period, or only half a** sleeping.. And then feeling drug out tired all the next day.. Worked long hours and nights for to many years and I do not think I have ever adjusted to sleeping nights..
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    ditch witch, you just described what I was told last week by my wife. Hmmmm.
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