A different point of view on the gold standard

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by prepareordie, Jan 8, 2007.

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    That reminds me of a story that I heard once about a man that went in to buy a new suit. He found one that he liked and tried it on but the pants were too long. The shop propriator told him to grasp his crotch with one hand and hold them up a bit...there..that looks nice..
    He thought the sleeves were a little long so the propriator told him to pull them up a bit and hold his elbows against his ribs...that looks nice...
    he thought the shoulders were a bit to loose, so the propriator had him scrunch his neck...that looks very nice...
    So the man bought the suit and walked out of the store wearing it, holding his crotch, elbows tucked to his sides, neck scrunched and two guys walking down the side-walk watch him go by and one says something about that poor man, all bent up like that. The other man noticed how well his suit fit him.
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    Dammit, Sea -now my head hurts. :p
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    Yeah, that story was REALLY confusing....
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    Ummmm, hunny, Do you REALLY need to publicly post the town we live in on the internet?? I mean hey, if all these guys show up for a BBQ that's cool but you never know who is all seeing what we say YK. Your darling, beauiful, talented, etc etc etc ([​IMG]) wife would really appreciate it if you'd change your location to something a wee more vauge....pretty please ([​IMG] )
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    Sorry for the head-ache Broker, I just find that reasoning a mite syllogistic.
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