A Felon, on gun laws...

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by SonOtheSouth, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I am not talking about Vintage Caps, I am talking about Modern Caps, made in Modern times. There has been a VERY SIGNIFICATE change in the Chemistry in Cap production since the Civil War. Modern Caps use Lead Styphanate as an Energetic, where as Civil War Caps were most Mercury Fulminate based. Lead Styphanate is significantly Hotter, and burns slower, producing a much better Flame Front into the base of the BP Charge, and provides a much more reliable ignition Source, even though it has much less energy density.
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    Well, in 22 years of working law enforcement, we were issued fresh ammunition every year for our service revolvers (and later semi-automatics).

    I knew that the ammo that I carried all year would work. But I never said, "Naw, I'll keep the old stuff."

    I've got .223 ammunition from the 1970's and 1980's, and I've almost never had a fail to fire from it. But the magazine for my defense carbine in my bedroom is loaded with commercial ammunition that I have purchased within the past year. I believe that the older stuff is always good for practice or defense-in-depth.

    Just trying to eliminate any "what-if's" from the equation.
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    There is NO corolation between BP and any Single, or Double Based Smokeless Powder... Apples & Oranges.... Totally different species, altogether.... The only thing they have in common, is they both produce Gases, that when they burn, push a Projectile down a barrel....
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    i know this is an old thread and may not be watched anymore., but i wanted to chime in.., i just did 20 months in federal prison for this. as i understood the texas law., it was pretty simple.. i was 20 years since i was on probation. so, i bought guns online from classifieds.. my mistake beyond ignorant of the fact that federal law trumps state law was that i used my social media to express my personal views which drew the attention of the federal govt. they came and got me and i argued that it was legal., but learned quickly, that the federal government is not concerned about state laws. so, i am fresh out of the feds and living through the embarrassment of having to live in a halfway house and fight my way to my home and my reputation...

    crazy..... don't get the guns man., and if you got them.., get rid of them because if the police get you., they will drop you off on the fed's door step and you'll be messed up...,

    i regret totally getting those damn guns.
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    Well hmmmm... seems to me there is NOTHING preventing your family members from owning guns is there?

    and the natural law right to defend yourself from death or harm...

    felon or not... has been upheld in the courts...


    if members of your family had firearms and something happened and you had to pick one up and use it...

    ? ? ?
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    Well, that maybe debateable in Court... but the Federal Statute says "Possesion" NOT Ownership.... and there are other way to protect ones self, besides a FireArm.... A Felon could buy and posses, LEGALLY, a Replica Black Powder Weapon, as these are NOT, classed as a FireArm, under the Federal Statutes... OR there are other Weapons, that do NOT TRIGGER the Felon in Possesion Statute.... However, all that said, a person in that position, needs to be VERY VERY Careful, in understanding the Exact Letter, of both Federal AND State Statutes, in their State of Residence... Here in Alaska, we have a State Statute, that allows for Felons, to posses FireArms, AFTER, they have completed ALL Court ordered Supervision Time, AND 5 more YEARS, have elapsed, with no more Criminal Convictions of any Kind... This does NOT abrogate the FEDERAL Statute... Historically, here.. the FEDs do NOT mess around with Felons, that are in compliance with the State Statute, UNLESS they get into local Trouble with a FireArm, and then the State will turn the Felon over to the FEDs, AFTER, they are done with him in STATE Court... So, as you found out... You pays your money, and YOU takes your chances....
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    Necro-posting is not always seen as a bad thing, particularly when it involves sharing a cautionary tale that may save some visitors to the site some legal grief. Ignorance of the law is no defence it is said, in which case, due diligence is a prudent thing to do....particularly when it comes to firearms regulation. I applaud your candour, and your willingness to warn others not to share your fate. (y)
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    Resurrecting old threads is never bad if new information comes up. Welcome aboard.
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    You were a Convicted Felon prior to buying those guns that got you those 20 months ?
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    Be careful with this you may win on appeal but the local cops wont care. If there in your house you are in possession.
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