A few little projects.

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by sticks65, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. sticks65

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    Ive been doing a few little leather projects over the last couple of days.

    The leather was striped from an old sofa,yes I know im cheap LOLlaff

    I needed some kind of sheath for my scotch eyed auger so it don't wear on my pack.


    I also really like the olde worlde type Saxon shoulder tinder pouches so made one of those to.
    The strap is made from Jute twine which I plaited and the button I made from Ash.


    Here it is inside out to show how it was made,a very simple design.
    I used back stitch to sew it and put leather patches where the straps are fastened for strength.


    Then I decided to make a mini pouch for my steel.
    Im not a fan of Velcro but that all I had to keep this fastened.




    The last picture I put here for Vagasrandle as he keeps telling me to put a rule in so he can tell the size of the objects I post .[winkthumb]

  2. Joseph Thomas

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    Good Job! I'm sure craftsmen such as yourself will have no trouble providing for their family in our brave new world.
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    thanks sticks, vegasrandall
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    You know the wife will come home and go ballistic once she finds out half of her sofa is missing...yeah, you better really love the new digs 'cause you sleepin' on that couch, Mr.!

    Thankfully old couch. =P I know. Hey, all of that looks fantastic, man. Did you sew the velcro on or is it sticky? If it is only sticky, how the heck is it gonna stay on the leather?
  5. sticks65

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    I have thought about this and think the metal working I do will come in the most handy for trading and so on WTSHTF.

    next year im going to be working on a small wind turbine to power up some batteries as Id like to be able to power a small freezer and some lighting when the power goes out.
    Im also looking at solar panels to as I think its very important to have alternative back ups.
  6. sticks65

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  7. sticks65

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    It is sticky but seems to have a pretty good adhesive but if it does come off I do carry a sewing kit so won't be to much of a problem,If you look on the second but last picture the white bone thing attached to the bigger pouch is a sewing kit[winkthumb]
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