Recipe a fresh Pear dessert to tickle your taste buds

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    Okay, I ran my mouth before starting this recipe (there was no recipe, just a general idea that developed as I cooked), then after making it I had folks drooling at the shoutbox wanting pics and a recipe. I have no pics.
    Here is the recipe. It will easily serve 2, or one selfish glutton
    2 medium fresh pears ... mine were bosc. ripe and firm but just starting to soften
    1/2 cup sherry or marsala wine
    2 TBS butter
    2 TBS brown sugar
    2 heaping TBS sour cream
    2 thick slices whole wheat honey artisan bread (a crusty firm bread .... not that factory crap)
    wash the pears, cut in half stem to stern to expose the core. now make quarters by splitting those halves.
    remove the seed cores. cut again lengthways into 1/8ths. I did not skin my pears. place pear pieces in a nonstick 9 or 10 inch skillet (single layer). pour wine over pears, cover, and poach at medium heat, (low boil) until pears are starting to noticeably soften. (I didn't time it 5 to 10 minutes) add butter and sprinkle with brown sugar. cover and continue to cook until sugar dissolves and butter melts. (maybe 3 - 5 minutes) uncover and stir all. baste pear wedges with sauce and cook down uncovered until sauce to near syrup point. turn off heat and blend/stir in sour cream.
    place thick bread slice in bottom of each bowl. spoon pears evenly over each bread slice. pour remaining sauce evenly in each bowl, and serve hot. enjoy
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