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    100% agree with you @vonslob. Speaking from 17 years experience in "complementary medicine", including 5 years of working with a medical doctor who apprenticed with me to learn Indian-Tibetan medicine, I can say that "complementary medicine" or "alternative medicine" are useful primarily for both prevention and treatment of chronic ailments-diseases (like arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, chronic asthma, digestive problems, constipation, acid belly / ulcers, IBS, ulcerative colitis, menstrual problems, insomnia, anxiety, depression). But for most acute illnesses and of course certainly for medical emergencies and for injuries and trauma/shock, heart attack, stroke, burns, acute asthma, cataracts, anything truly requiring surgery and most all dental problems, and anything that would require antibiotics or certain other key pharmaceuticals due to severity of symptoms or disease progression, nothing beats "modern medicine" / "conventional medicine".

    Thus, in the all-important area of "bandaids" (of the "Beans-Bullets-Bandaids-Books-Bullion-Batteries-Brotherhood-Being" prepper plan), our family would and did certainly put first priority on stocking up on sufficient first aid kit type / emergency medical type of preps and training. We put only secondary priority for stocking up sufficient medicinal herb reserves (1 to 2 pounds of either raw whole plant herbs or powdered herbs --- which in some cases we converted these ourselves in herbal tinctures, herbal jams-jellies and herbal oils or herbal butter/ghee to preserve their potency and/or increase "bio-availability") of the most important 50 common herbs and their seeds and perennial plants in our garden where possible for our growing season / climate zone.
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    You ever want to expand on this, I would love it.
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    yes practice....
    To try and get a feel for what it is like ..
    Next cpr class instead of pussing on the "dummy" for 15 seconds try doing it for 3 or 4 minutes....
    And try thinking about doing it on someone and keeping yourself together enough {emotionaly}!!!!= not a good time ...
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    I like the way that americanredoubt explained it. From what i have have read alternative medicine for chronic disease and disease prevention is the way to go. I want to learn more, have done some reading, and have used some of what i have learned.

    That is an excellent way of looking at cpr.
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    Its is used to induce vomiting. Getting hard to find.
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