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Discussion in 'Blades' started by Alpha Dog, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Alpha Dog

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    My wife picked this up for me a very nice knife and solid, razor sharp not a bad price at around $30.00 on Amazon. Would work very good as a pack knife allso make a wonderful defense weapon.

    Technical Details

    • The Bush Hog is Now Named OUTBACK !!
    • No Difference in Product Just Simply Re-Named !!

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    ATTRIBUTES Blade Detail: Plain Blade Length (inches): 12.00 Blade Material: 440C Black Carry System: Nylon Sheath/Lanyard Handle Material: Rubber Black Overall Length (inches): 17.35
  2. TheEconomist

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    Yeah this is used in tabet traditionally and can cut the head off a bull with one swipe...very nice
  3. BTPost

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    The real question is: Does this Blade have a Hollow Ground Tempered Edge, like the original Kukuri from Nepal?
  4. I think alphadog's is more of a machete thickness.

    My kukri has a convex grind, I have never seen them hollow ground. Guess I need to do more research. The one I have is the standard issue one that the British Army issues to their ghurkas. I know most also bring their own style from home, but all I have is the standard stores one. It is useful, but not my favorite blade style.

    Probably because I haven't figured out how to master it. I tend to use machete or axe for my chopping.

    I suspect I would like the thinner machete thickness kukri over the thick one I have, It is over 1/4 inch thick even though I think they maker was shooting for 1/4 inch.
  5. Tikka

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    Kukris are weight forwards or the mass is further out. This adds force to the blow but makes it difficult to change directions. As a result the kukri is difficult to master for defense.
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