A Governmental Conspiracy So Vast.....

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Yard Dart, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Yard Dart

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    A conspiracy so vast -- it's not just the NSA, now the FBI, your local police are also spying on US citizens | Fox News
  2. Yard Dart

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    I can only guess what the answer to this is... that is the question of the day? Obviously both parties, the dem's and repub's are one and the same in continuing the status quo. Do we rely on the power of the people in voting the issues out of office to restore balance, do we have a constitutional convention as some have suggested to limit the federal powers and reaffirm constitutional boundaries or other.....?
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    No Constitutional Convention... If you do that you allow the Politicos to write a bunch of new Clauses, and they can drop the Bill of rights, with a stroke of the Pen... No, no NO.... Way to Dangerous, to allow the Liberals that kind of latitude, and Power....
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    And I agree with that take, that there is to much to risk with so much out of our sight/control in the process. I have no trust in the governing body with either party... at this point the constitution is being twisted and bent to so much of a degree that you either have to vote a whole new body into office.... or correct the whole "establishment" the hard way. Unfortunately the society at large is complacent with the status quo and happy with the entitlement society sucking the "tit" of the country and those that are taxed to maintain that established "class".
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    Yup. All that really needs to be accomplished is to create enough support for public policy to continue and the Constitution will become a worthless piece of paper. This is already being done, and with each incremental change we see an increase in police state authoritarian doctrine. I spoke about this years ago, in an old video some here might remember. The Patriot Act and similar policies will become the guide stone for future generations if we fail to reign in the "government". A Constitutional convention would be a very bad idea in this day and age.
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    If we as a "people" were to convene a constitutional convention, we might as well pick up arms and throw the tea in the harbor.... as the same ends may be achieved.... to right a nation on the wrong path.
    Though not one of us would condone such a thing (;)).... it may be necessary to maintain the constitutiuon... or capitulate to the new government that we all see on the horizon. I for one do not think we have crossed that line, but we are damn close to it....and once we cross it we are in servitude to those that have been instituted to govern by the society at large...regardless of said societies understanding of what they have unleashed... since they are the benefactors of the masters benevolence.......................................
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    Group dynamics is impossible to steer without proper leadership. The people are too divided to even consider a revolution, and if a catalyst is ever born in this quagmire we call a country, only small pockets will surface before nearly all communications are severed, rendering any organization by the resistance impotent. Regardless, every patriot has their line in the sand. With the local police taking on the role of spying along side the alphabet agencies, I can only wonder how long it will be before prime targets have been harassed enough to make that spark. It doesn't look good no matter how you dice it.

    Nobody can preach violence as a solution, but I bet a large number of folks are thinking it every day.
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  8. ghrit

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    I can see both the benefits and detriments of a Constitutional Convention. I have to say, there's one coming. It's my fervent hope that it won't happen before enlightenment comes over the electorate, or the detriments will be clear and devastating; we will indeed become the slaves some think we already are (and, in a manner of speaking, are already.) If the timing is right (and there are honest pols to do it) a CC will return us to the original intents of the founding fathers. I ain't holding my breath.
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  9. fmhuff

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    It can be a difficult burden to see the light of truth in a world that embraces the darkness. To see your neighbors and friends used as unsuspecting Tools by those who make promises but care nothing for their wellbeing.

    Lenin's view of the "new Socialist man" is a prime example. Not only did he promote the lie, but he killed for it and believed in it as well. But it has proven to be a lie. A lie nonetheless that many still believe.

    It is greater than a National conspiracy, it's a world conspiracy started long, long ago.

    That's why we few celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.
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