A great wireless router firewall for $60

Discussion in 'Technical' started by stg58, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. stg58

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  2. ghrit

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    +1 on D-link. Mine has been faultlessly running for 5 years. DIR 655 running on D-Link software via an XP box.
  3. melbo

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    I have used dd-wrt on my routers for the past 5 years. Nice extras.

    Then again, I'm a firmware tweaker who has tried to get linux running on his toaster ;)
  4. Brokor

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    DD_WRT is garbage compared to TOMATO http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato - I used it while I was in Iraq, and managed more than 30 users. You can completely control the bandwidth per user, and you have total control over the router, whereas DD-WRT is seriously lacking. If you doubt me at all, then please try the Tomato Firmware and see for yourself.

    I am a 100% Polarcloud fan. ANd the WRT54GL is awesome. ;)
  5. stg58

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    First thanks for your service in Iraq.

    Many consider the WRT54G-TM to be better than the WRT54GL because it has twice the memory and will load the DD WRT Mega Bin file.
    I will post after I load my WRT54G-TM with the DD WRT image.

    The WRT54G-TM (TM stands for T-Mobile) is also called the T-Mobile "Hotspot@Home" service. It allows calls to be made via T-Mobile's GSM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:GSMLogo.svg" class="image"><img alt="" src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/5/5d/GSMLogo.svg/190px-GSMLogo.svg.png"@@AMEPARAM@@en/thumb/5/5d/GSMLogo.svg/190px-GSMLogo.svg.png network or via WiFi Generic Access Network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:Uma_handset_on_wifi.JPG" class="image"><img alt="" src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/7/73/Uma_handset_on_wifi.JPG/300px-Uma_handset_on_wifi.JPG"@@AMEPARAM@@en/thumb/7/73/Uma_handset_on_wifi.JPG/300px-Uma_handset_on_wifi.JPG (UMA), using the same telephone and phone number (a special dual-mode phone designed for the service is required e.g. BlackBerry Pearl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:pearls_002.jpg" class="image"><img alt="Pearls 002.jpg" src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/3/3b/Pearls_002.jpg/200px-Pearls_002.jpg"@@AMEPARAM@@en/thumb/3/3b/Pearls_002.jpg/200px-Pearls_002.jpg). Additionally, once a call is in progress, one may transition from WiFi to GSM (and vice versa) seamlessly, as WiFi signal comes and goes, such as when entering or exiting a home or business. A special router is not needed to use the service, but the T-Mobile branded routers are supposed to enhance the telephone's battery life. This is the only known tweak to the TM version of the firmware. The hardware appears to be like WRT54GL however has 32MB ram and 8MB flash.
    The WRT54G-TM having a serial number that starts with C061 has these specifications:

    • Broadcom BCM5352EKPBG CPU
    • 32 MB RAM (Hynix HY5DU561622ETP-D43)
    • 8 MB Flash (JS28f640)
    That is one of the very cool thing about the many of the Linksys WRT series is how Linksys cooperates with the development of 3rd party firmware.

    Most of us do not admin a network of over a half dozen users much less 30 if we did Tomato or one of the others listed below may be our choice.

  6. Brokor

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    Great links, stg58. Thanks!

    And let us know how that TM router works out in the long run. A lot of the new routers have failed under my watch, having used more than a dozen, but the WRT54GL never failed. Of course, the added features of the TM look promising. I may have to test one out some day. ;)

    Maybe some day DD-WRT will actually have a QOS which works well enough to warrant another go, but I am probably going to stick with Tomato.
  7. stg58

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    I loaded up the TM version with the mega version of DD wrt and it works about the same as the L version with more features and options
    But I am a bit of a memory hound so if 1 is good 4 is better.....:D:D

    So I have a ready spare if needed.
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