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Discussion in 'Technical' started by hank2222, Jul 17, 2013.

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    I have been thinking more and more about downsizing even more and getting rid of my iPad and going to a iPhone set up . There is a guy at work has just a iPhone and some accessories items from apple to let him use his tv as the computer screen and the apple keyboard and mouse along with a some other items as a basic computer set up

    And this got me to thinking about that because I really do not much with the computer but surf the web and keep up with email and family members on Facebook ...I know that bad but that the only way I can keep up with them and the grandkids .

    Here is what I do with my iPad now
    Listen to music I have on it
    Play the games I have installed on it
    Air print using the household printer we have installed in the house where I live
    Surf the web and keep up with website I vist and some basic shopping when I see something I think would be great for use at the retreat
    Skype with the grandkids
    Keep track of my book and DVD collection along with some of the preps I have

    That about it with my usage of the iPad as my basic computer set up .so can it be done
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    what else is there to do with a computer???
    a iphone is what we call a pocket computer ... its all the same just differen sizes {well to me any way }
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    I have a maxed iphone 4 that I use for everything but my ipad stays on the recording studio scrolling lyrics and controling my Mackie DL mixer. I have an ap on my iphone that remotely controls most of the mixer functions but still have to have the ipad for full control.
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    I use my iPad2 as a Remote Screen and Keyboard, to control the iMac, and iBook that sit in the Radio-room/Office... It makes it very convenient, when I am out in the Front room, when I see a new chat, or skype conversation, show up, as well as monitoring the AIS Receiver/OpenCPN that runs on the iBook... .....
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    I like my I-Phone, it's great for keeping up with the forums I read and one or two games.
    It'll never replace the home unit though, I need the bigger screen for my old eyes.
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    The guy has a apple wireless keyboard with a apple magic mouse along with a apple digital unit that plugs into the iPhone along with a stand unit to make it is home computer set up.

    When he needs the phone he just plugs it from the unit and use it as a phone .like me he wanting to slim down just to the basic items and I works for him .

    My idea is that since I only really use my iPad for something's and my phone for one thing is get it down into one unit and one payment per month .

    I can use siaght talk here in az and pay only $45.00 dollars a month for my bill and cut out the hotspot bill next month and go with saight talk as my carrier since it version here if you are using a iPhone on there network
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    With an X-Link BlueTooth Box, your iPhone can be connected to a regular POTs Phone/Answering machine/Fax machine, as if it were on a Copper Landline. We use one here for the Cabin. It is capable of dealing with three Cellular Phones at a time, Momma's iPhone, My old Motorola FlipPhone, and this summer, the youngest Daughters Samsung. The X-Link Box gives a different Ring for each connected Cellular Phone, when they ring, and you can select which Cellular Phone you want to dial out on, when you make a call. We also use a Wilson TriBand Amplifier, and external Antenna System, to connect to our local Cellsite, which is 16 miles away, all over water, and on top of a 3000' Mountain. The whole system, works very well, for us..... ......
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