A Legitimate Need for Racism

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Jan 24, 2011.

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    PC crap has blown so out of bounds that it has become a joke. 90% of the people playing the race card every time someone says anything that might reflect badly on what seems to be mostly just one race is white-liberal with an agenda. We have all been taught that racism is wrong and vile and unacceptable. I call BS!
    I believe that racism and racial stereotypes are needed now today more than ever and people need to take off the blinders and start calling a spade and spade rather than trying to force us to believe that a statistically unbalanced portion of our society that subsides totally on entitlements, has the right to expect us not only to subsidize them in the manner they would like to be kept but also to make us grateful for the opportunity to do so. Affirmative action and grade curves have reduced this nation to mediocrity and destroyed our industry. I wholly believe in equal opportunity and equal rights but do not expect me to accept anyone that does not shoulder their share of the burdon but insists on feeding on the social tit, as an equal. Not gonna happen, not ever under any circumstance and I do not care if you don't like it.
    I do not take offense at being called Cracker or whatever the racial slur-de-jour is and I am done with looking for the PC reference when refering to a group of people that have visible differences, ethnic beliefs, cultural background, etc. than my own. I do not want to enslave you, I have never owned slaves, I do not intend to continue to be enslaved by you and your desire for what I earn. I think that if you feed from my efforts, then you deserve the insults due any other parasite and to pretend otherwise is insulting to those of us that make an effort to survive and function as a useful part of society.
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    WOOO! I agree, and yes it's because I'm white! (the dying race)

    I am not racist. I hate nobody because of their skin color. Period.
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    I don't care what color it is, a parasite is a parasite. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has feathers, it a DUCK, not a "Flat billed, web-footed waterfowl"! PC needs to die.
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    I dont think its an issue of racism etc... I think everyone has the opportunity to live the american dream. No matter what race they have all achieved this... personally anybody can fall on hard times but to be supported by the government I think thats crap... why do government workers get subjected to "random drug tests" yet those that receive benefits aren't... there is something wrong there... Laziness no matter what should not be rewarded... Thats what I call BS and my ass is whiter then milk... I respect any and all humans that respect themselves and step forward and do what's right no matter what skin color they are.....
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    While that is admirable, my whole point is that charges of racism have emasculated us and affirmative action has gutted the laws of nature. We have allowed exceptions to prioritize rather the exceptional and that is contrary to social development and even evolution. It would not matter if I were a negro or a mexican or a scandi, parasite is as parasite does and no baggy-panted gangster wanabe crack-entrepeneure that I have ever seen will intimidate me with threats of racism. Man wants to be my equal, climb up here; I will not be dragged down there.
    We have been knuckling under to that for 40 years now and what has it accomplished? Who has it elevated and why? It's past time to take the gloves off and recognize that there are inferior people, whole groups of them, all races, all ethnic groups, but inferior none the less. While race or ethnic origins do not make a person inferior, it does not exclude them either.
  7. franks71vw

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    i agree with you 100% there are no excuses... We all have choices to do in life and only we can be held accountable....
  8. BTPost

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    This is an interesting discussion of "Definitions"... and each person will have a different interpretation of these "terms" we keep throwing around. I am NOT a Racist, although some will say so, that do not know me, Personally. I will have "No Truck" with any folks who will not fend for themselves, and I really do NOT care, what "Color" or Race, or Religion they maybe. That has NO Bearing on my judgement of any situation, that I see. I take care of "Me" and mine, and I expect others to do the same, for themselves and theirs. I have worked all my life for what I have, and expect others to do the same. As the Bibles states, the Widows and Poor, will ALWAYS be with us", as will the slackers. I choose to HELP, the Widows and Poor, when I see their need, directly, and without fanfare, and I would expect the same from any other Right Thinking Person. I choose NOT to support the slacker, as he/she has made a personal choice, and I have made a Personal Choice not to support them, and their lifestyle, Myself... and I allow anyone else to Make, and Judge, those same choices for themselves, as is their Right, in a Free Country. YMMV...
  9. Seawolf1090

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    Sea, I agree 100% and whole-heartedly too. I am a believer in "Equal RIghts", but it MUST work both ways. Theses days, I am opposed to the established "Equal Rights" agenda as it is being foisted onto the American tax-payer. I believe unless someone is too young, too old or infirm, they SHOULD work. No work, no roof or food.
    I also believe the 'leaders' of certain groups of people are self-serving parasites themselves and do their people no good at all. I have long held - those who scream loudest about racial prejudice are most often the worst offenders! Fools like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al simply bear this out.
  10. Falcon15

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    "For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat." - 2 Thessalonians 3:10
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    Equal rights means equal responsbilities.
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    the real shame in all this to me is how it is assumed that a black person gets to define you as a racist not because of something you actually did, but because he 'felt' a certain way.

    Discrimination is an action that can be observed and measured. Actions can be prohibited or mandated.

    What we are accused of is not actual discrimination, not actions, which might legitimately be criticized; but we are accused of having feelings. Now, the actual argument that should be happening, is:

    So what?

    What difference would it make how I felt about you, even if you were right, as long as my actions do not discriminate against you?

    Even if you did have the magical ability to know my thoughts, how is that something you claim the power to regulate?

    "Republicans don't care about black people".

    No action, nothing anybody did or didn't do, all you can find to complain about is something you can't prove, and wouldn't matter if you could.

    What people do is where your interest ends. What they feel or think is not a crime and is none of your business.
  13. Disciple

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    When one is PC one has a proclivity for stupidity............I hate no man for the color of their skin i just dislike them for their close mindedness and their own stupidity.
  14. Cathail

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    It started in 1954. Brown v. The Board of Education. Been downhill ever since.
  15. Equilibrium

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    I’ve watched fat fair and fifty something white women get “chosen” from lines at airports for scanning. I’ve yet to see any women wearing burkas or their traveling companions get chosen and…. we travel our fair share. This defies logic to me.
    Our youngest son is qualifying for no grants and scholarships so far at the universities where he wants to attend yet his brothers…. all got something and one got a free ride. Interestingly enough… the one who got a free ride had a lower GPA, a lower ACT, fewer honors and AP courses in HS, fewer volunteer hours, the same community service hours, the same scouting experiences, and was only involved in one sport in HS where his younger brother is in two sports and chess club. What’s the difference between our boys? Our youngest is white…. the others are black or hispanic. This totally defies logic to me.
    Our oldest son is handicapped. He likes to wave at people and hug them… even if he doesn’t know them. He has done things at work that would have gotten anyone else fired…. yet… the grocery store keeps him as a bagger and went so far as to make him employee of the month….not once but twice even after I went in and told them to fire him. They said they couldn’t… he’s an American with a disability…. I told them even those protected by the ADA could be terminated. They told me they wouldn’t fire him. How do people learn if they are not allowed to pay the price of natural consequences? Again…. this totally defies logic to me.
    What I saw throughout my career in my industry would curl the hair on your chinny chin chins. I’m sure what you all have seen would curl the hair on my chinny chin chin.
    [FONT=&quot]What’s happening in our everyday lives well transcends race baiting. [/FONT]
  16. VHestin

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    Educational system is a joke now. A couple years ago, my sister got told that she didn't qualify for FinAid because her grades were too high.
  17. Equilibrium

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    Our entire educational system is well beyond a joke.... especially public schools. It no longer serves our children.
  18. VHestin

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    Tell me about it...saw a thing on Yahoo News(via Facebook) where a woman got put in jail because she (illegally) tried to get her children into a better school (district). I don't know how in the hell you can illegally do that...When I lived near Seattle, I was barely able to go to my high school that was a block away, because "that's where the (district) line is"(automatic/non-thinking answer my mother got when she wanted to know about determining what school you go to depending on where you live). So we've got parents who homeschool having their kids taken away, parents who try and get their kids a better education arrested, leaving only those who have their kids in a school where the only thing really taught is how to be the 'perfect' citizen the government wants you to be.
  19. franks71vw

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  20. VHestin

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    I don't think it is racism if you're basing your dislike of someone solely by their (in)actions. Maybe lazyism or whinyism would be better? I(and my mother) would be classified as 'poor white trash', doesn't mean we just accept it and live our lives as moochers. We're doing quite a few things to earn living money. I always feel better when I get money I've actually earned anyways.
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