A lesson from Argentina

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    I just posted it yesterday, but it's good that it has its own thread. Excellent information.
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    i like the guy and the info that he put out in the videos about life down there when it happened and it aftermath
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    I’ve been to Guatemala before and got more than my fair share of eye openers but…. I’ve never been to Argentina so the collapsed economies YouTubes were meaningful to me. Thank you for putting them up… they reinforced my gut feelings that we need to keep our land line. One thing’s for sure…. bank days are very real and….Guatemalans, like the Argentinians Ferfal talked about throughout his interviews, did have to worry about everyone taking what little they had and express kidnappings were very real and… I do think we’ll be seeing them here in the US in the not so distant future. I don’t exactly think now is a good time to buy a new car if the current one can be repaired. Visit Guatemala and you’ll learn real fast to remove all jewelry and to dress down wearing ratty and dirty t’s and shorts and the most worn shoes you brought with you. You don’t brush your hair. Bras are for the “elite”…. even as a tourist…. you shed them. You do nothing that will draw attention to yourself and that includes wearing a watch. Something else that raised a big red flag for me personally when listening to the interviews is that I live in a community that up until last year….. had contracted with another city for police protection for decades. Last year our local government “quietly” did away with the 260k annual expenditure of contract police protection which left us totally dependent upon the County Sheriffs and the State Police yet…. they voted to keep the new Administrator who costs us 100k+. Go figure. Some tried to fight it…. most rolled over. My concern.... after listening to the interviews is reduced response times OR worse yet…. no police at all. It’s been all over our local news that our petroleum bill for squad cars is now 90 days in the rears for my county and my state and there were threats from the supplier that law enforcement was going to get cut off back when we were only 60 days in the rears. The supplier is in the business of supplying petroleum to the county and state…for a profit…one day they just might flex their muscles stopping delivery of gas. Already I’m spotting squad cars strategically placed…. unmanned…. just parked presumably to project a presence. Crime is going up… just listen to any police scanner…. many of my friends and neighbors just aren’t making the “connection”. So many don’t have that “reference point” mentioned in the Ferfal interviews.
    [FONT=&quot]Question about something I heard in the YouTubes… he mentioned that Argentinians had 220 but only got around 170 or 180. I’m pretty sure our A/C units are 220 (who really need A/C anyway?) and I know our well pump is 230 (that’s a problem I’m trying to work on) so I guess those would fry out when that scenario plays out here in the US but what else in the average American home is actually 220?[/FONT]
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    that why i been putting away the socalled bad times rubbermaid totes filled with items inside ..

    the basic thinking is that if the socalled major short term food and supplies i can store beside the major long term foods and supplies i have in the place can not be touched for at least two years time frame i can figure out if where we are heading to or away from the worst part of the money market problems ..

    so everything i can do to make the short term more liveable that what iam trying to do now ..for the short term is going to be the roughest part not the long term .

    i want to add this to the above post..

    the reasoning why the short term food and supplies totes is more about the way of keeping from sending alot of hard earned money on food and other products when the dollar is going through it devalued stage to see where the dust will settle in a year up to 18 months time frame and by then you should have a better handle on what is going on at the time. ..

    plus given the fact that if your only really spending a little money on the meat items in the short term you are basically setting the tone for the next year with you not haveing to send money on basic grooming or household cleaning supplies dureing that time..

    plus if something else was to happen doing that time your going to need the more of the long term supplies than the short term items to make so why not save them for that area...
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    I have read Fer fals posts and agree that there is a ton of good info in them but......There's that word BUT, All of these other countrys with a failed currency all have one common "escape option".That is they could resort to the USD For a "reserve stable value money".. If our dollar collapses where do most of the "sheeple" go or us people for that matter. Their monitary collapse was bad but ours on a world stage will be many times worse.
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    I've been reading this book called The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse and it was written by someone who was in Argentina back in 2001. It's pretty great so far. Here's the description from amazon.com:

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    Excellent Book!

    I just finished reading that book, myself. I paid about $30.00 for the paperback book and I got my money's worth and then some! I heartily suggest that if you are serious about prepping, get that book!!!

    After reading several portions of the book to my wife, we re-evaluated some of our plans to cope with a SHTF event. Thanks to Ferfal, we are ramping up the amount of cash-on-hand in our home. His insights about what happened when the economy failed (banks shut down for a few months and ATM's ran out of cash quickly) have meaningfully changed our plans.
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    I completely forgot FerFAL is a member here. I have a lot of respect for that guy.
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