A little Something for the 9 mile snipers suffering from 'gunner ear'

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    Grunt nothing better

    Devil dog shock troop blood lusting war machine born to fight trained to kill ready to die but never will
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    I have to laugh at the language difference between us Yanks and the Aussies.

    I served in 155mm arty, we could take 9 miles in a breeze and double that easily ;)

    My other occupation was in an infantry line company.....and I have no idea what the hell this means "Not having to "pepperpot" an entire grid square before the objective". :lol:

    The rest of your post..... "that's the fact Jack!!!"... spot on. Love my time doing joint training with the boys down under!!

    Though I always hated the Cav boys calling us "crunchies"!!!! American humor at it's finest......
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    Well life in the USAF was rugged beyond belief. We once had a hurricane and lost our primary power for 2 weeks and we didn't have air conditioning in the barracks and the beer was warm at the NCO club until we got the emergency generator set up. The horror of it all! The only down side of it was in the 1950's they used to say that it wasn't necessary to have fall out shelters in the hangers as they were the primary target and would probably be vaporized anyhow. We were told in basic that the 9 th airforce in England had more killed, captured, and wounded than the US Marines total for the whole world.
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