A media sheep recounts his tale...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Redneck Rebel, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Dang, I hate sites that make you have to join Farcebook to leave a comment. It stifles our input. :rolleyes:

    In such a gun-unfriendly city there is only ONE way to respond - hit the gas and get the heck outta there! If you have to 'plow a row' DO SO!! NEVER get out of the vehicle and enter THEIR world.
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    As my daughters approached driving age (15 in Louisiana), I taught them the rules from the state license test book, but also I taught them how to change a flat tire (they had to struggle with the heavy tires, but I told them they couldn't get a license until they could do it); we practiced skids on wet pastures (where we couldn't hit anything hard or expensive), what to do if the engine had a runaway (cut the ignition, pop gear into neutral ASAP - I surprised them by reaching over with my left foot and stomping the accelerator)( they also were unique among their contemporaries... we used the tractor to learn standard shift), and told them if they were ever molested by anyone, to remember they were in control of a device that killed 50,000 Americans every year... STAY IN THE CAR and run the hell over the bastards.

    I also gave them a .22 revolver when they got their license, with the advice CC people give... "If you're mad, don't use it; if you're scared, blow their asses away and call me."
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    I was in Philly just this week, and walked on the same street. I had my Glock with me, the city didn't care. I CC'd and the only place I didn't go, gaffaw, was the liberty bell. I didn't feel like having my liberty cavity searched to see it up close so I took a picture from outside.

    Anyway, no problems here. Just a few pictures of the many I took:
    1-31-12 010 (912 x 684). 1-31-12 014 (684 x 912). 1-31-12 019 (684 x 912). 1-31-12 032 (684 x 912). 1-31-12 033 (684 x 912).
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    Pic 1- Campo's (Second & Market St)
    Pic 2- Liberty Bell
    Pic 3- Cityscape
    Pic 4- Betsy Ross house (right across the street is a pastry shop that would have killed me with lardy sweetness if I stayed any longer...)
    Pic 5- Back side of Church Street, somewhere between 2nd & 3rd.

    I like to see the beauty in any place, from the bone chilly waters of the St Lawrence Seaway in Canada, to the sandy keys off of Tarpon Springs, Fla, to a great little bar-be-que shack in Ralleye, NC, to Oshkosh Wisconsin during the summer airshow and Granite Peak (Wausau) in the winter. Philly is no less, and a great place to ride your bicycle through.

    No, I definetly don't want to live there, but passing through is nice.

    Anyway, to get back to the original post: Did this incident occur? Of course it did- people are evil everywhere on this earth. I do think that this is a case of race baiting, not worthy of the media coverage (as so, not taking anything away from the violence that man can do to one another) as the voter intimidation case. Now that is one to be pissed about.
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    Apparently, it is only a crime when Whites do it??
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    The devil is in the discretionary detail.

    Crime statutes are applicable to all, regardless of colour, gender, race, or creed etc....unless the legislation and regulations specifically exempt on the basis of colour, gender, race or creed etc. The problem comes about when the said, statutes, laws and regulations are policed, prosecuted, judged, and sentenced in arbitrary and discretionary ways. Hence the practice of jurisdiction and judge shopping and the temptation for jury stacking and jury tampering.
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