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  1. With a special space for flu. My goodness I found my place. Like my name suggests I am a trauma RN (soon to be nurse practitioner) and the flu pandemic has been a subject of study for me for years (and the main reason why I prep) I have a lot of info on the flu and on trauma/emergency medicine with years of practical experience as a trauma team leader and instructor. I will be posting here regularly now, so hit me with all the questions you might have. I don't know everything but am willing to look up what you need. I know I need all the help I can find in other aspects of prepping so maybe I can pay you all back here.

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    Awesome, Welcome!
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    I know everyone will look forward to gaining more knowledge from your expertise. Thanks for joining us and offering your skills. Hope we can repay your efforts in kind
  4. I'm just so excited I found this forum

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