A Message from Greg Walden on Wolves in Oregon

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    A Message from Greg Walden on Wolves in Oregon

    – December 27, 2010


    Dear Constituents,

    I want to take this opportunity to update you on some important legislation in Congress which would affect the management of gray wolves in Oregon. The State Sovereignty Wildlife Management Act (H.R. 6485), which I recently cosponsored, would remove gray wolves from the endangered species list and return management authority to the states.

    The regulation of wolves has fluctuated throughout the years; however, I firmly believe each state is best equipped to regulate its own wolf populations. Since 1994, when wolves were returned to Yellowstone National Park and parts of Idaho, wolf populations have rapidly expanded across the West and reached the recovery goals set by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In 2009, the Obama Administration removed Oregon’s wolves from the endangered species list and placed them under the state’s management plan. Unfortunately, due to a ruling by a federal judge in August 2010, all wolves west of Montana were placed back on the endangered species list, and regulation of the species was returned to the federal government.

    Since crossing into Oregon from Idaho, wolves have established two confirmed packs in Wallowa County and, according to biologists, will continue to expand their territory westward. As their populations have grown, so too have their impacts on livestock producers. According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, over 10 cows and 20 sheep have been killed by wolves in Oregon over the past two years, resulting in losses to ranchers and, ultimately, the local economy.

    The state of Oregon has been recognized in the past for having a sufficient wolf management plan and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is ready to implement and execute that management plan if given the opportunity. I fully support returning the management of wolves back to the states, where the wolves can be managed for the unique and individual needs of each state’s communities and wildlife, and H.R. 6485 would do just that.

    As the new Congress approaches, I will continue this effort to return wolf management to the states. It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress."
  2. Mountainman

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    Not sure who would be worst at wolf management, the feds or ODFW???
  3. VHestin

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    Already got the occassional coyote in my area(to go with skunks/raccoons/anti-chicken owls), and the rare mountain lion from what my elder neighbors have told me, not really wanting wolves added to the mix.
  4. Shinmen Takezo

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    What's wrong with you people?!

    Wolves are just big hungry doggies!
    And they are sweet (if fed) and cuddly, just like German Shepherds.

    Bring them all in I say!

  5. Maxflax

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    Yotes can be pretty scary and even kill people. In Canada last year two yotes killed a young aspiring girl singer and killed her on a public trail. She was 19, I think..

    Here's a classic picture of a yote fighting back against a few dogs that ran it down on a ranch

  6. Clyde

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    You can keep them as pets, we will consider how to control or eliminate the population. Darwin would be proud of us not you. Let them go extinct in areas where people don't want them. Enviro-go-gooders should have no say whatsoever in the discussion.
  7. Hispeedal2

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    That pic is classic!!
  8. Maxflax

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    That dog is saying "DOH!!" [rofllmao]
  9. ghrit

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    "Bite my collar, will you? Just wait until the boys get here, and your ear is toast."
  10. BTPost

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    The "Yote" is saying I gota finish you off, quick, because once your buddies show up I gota split FAST. You get to go to the Vet, but I don't have that choice...."

    Same reason a single wolf, will never attack a single local dog.....
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