A Most Effective Improvised Silencer

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    During WW ll, we dropped ten of thousands of single-shot .45 pistols all over for the Resistance to use to procure more effective weapons by killing an enemy combatant and taking their 98K or MP40.
    These pistols were cheap, short-barreled one shot weapons but could be reloaded a couple times with the spare ammunition stored inside the grip. FP-45 Liberator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The suggested use was to firmly press the weapon against the abdomen of your intended victim just below the sternum and fire.. The hot expanding gases would be contained inside the body, effectively silencing the weapon and the gas would also majorly disrupt the organs inside causing near instant death. Just a reminder that if we are ever subjected to firearms confiscations and martial law, a simple single shot weapon can be improvised from pretty much any hardware store for a few dollars.
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  2. Salted Weapon

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    Oil filters work great for, umm cleaning traps :whistle:
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    There are tons of companies selling solvent traps that are essentially suppressors without the ballfes and end cap drilled but they include a jig to drill them and a form to fill out and send to the BATF along with $200.00 to make a silencer. That said, suppressors still sound like gun shots only a little less damaging to the ears, whereas a weapon pressed against an abdomen and fired doesn't make much noise at all, as the gas never escapes the body cavity but it does disrupt massively and forces the bowels, bladder, and such to rapidly and violently void.Solvent Trap Kit - SolventTrap.net

    How to Make a Real Gun
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  4. Gator 45/70

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    So, Just asking, Get the kit, Send in Form 4 + 200.00 bucks and wait for the stamp?
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    Well as long as it's not a revolver with the exception of say maybe a Nagant Revolver. ;)
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    Just my luck it would cause a massive fart, and I'd have the stench along with the noise to deal with...
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    @Gator 45/70 , yep long as you want .gov to know what you got, otherwise, I suppose it could just be a leaky solvent trap.
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    I can offer no legal advice to this, but yes, you send in the form and $200.00 and WAIT 6 to 9 months for approval before you can assemble and install for cleaning on your firearm!!! You also have to engrave or stamp a unique serial number and Cal. of the trap on the unit before any thing else! These do catch quite a bit of solvent, but there are others that are better, but are more expensive!
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    I fired a suppressed revolver the other day and was surprised how little noise escaped the cylinder cone. It was only 6db louder than the same caliber and suppressor on a semi-auto. Both weapons were .45 ACP, a Colt 1917 revolver and a Sig P220.
  10. Sgt Nambu

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    Might kill more Nazi's!:D
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    Damn solvent traps are the best thing running !!1

    i actually held a liberator once..couldnt believe how crude it was...effective though.
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  12. AxesAreBetter

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    The real reason you stuck it in their gut was because the Allies couldn't guarantee accuracy beyond that range.
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  13. bmtm09

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    wouldn't hurt for everyone to refamiliarize themselves with ultimate silencer. This is mine

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  14. Gator 45/70

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    Pretty sure your right, Not worth the trouble and coin....
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  15. Olympic mountain man

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    Truly knowing a blade and how it works and how to use it and where to put it when nessary is one of the best skills to have because you may never have enough bullets. What do you do when you run out
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    remember don't foul the blade on the bones...
  17. AxesAreBetter

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    Use an ax?
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  18. bmtm09

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    Yes you can but your arms will get tired..no point tiring yourself out! Lol
  19. Gator 45/70

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