A Move To Confiscate Guns, How It Will Be Done?

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by Watchman220, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Soldiers who are OathKeepers will be heroes. And depending on how they respond to Presidential orders will determine whether they keep their oath... Here is an interesting scenario that many have not thought of regarding the collapse of the USA and food shortages and civil unrest.

    Unforeseen possible scenarios for Food Shortage, Ammo Shortage, Civil Unrest.
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    Those that TOOK the oath seriously, and KEEP it to the letter of the word, will NOT be those that would come to take anyone's firearms....
    I know, I took the same oath.
    Remember: "...Foreign and Domestic..."
    I will defend the constitution, which includes the Second Amendment.
    It would be something beyond martial law, beyond ignorance and stupidity, that could bring this about....
    I do NOT see this happening, But, for the sake of argument let's say some moron decided to try...?
    This would evolve in the most "UN-civil" war ever witnessed on the face of earth, since the beginning of recorded time.
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    I was of the mind that time was the greatest enemy in this struggle; where incremental changes tend to be the primer for the final implementation of confiscations. Eventually, I began to see an additional trend: increasing numbers of non-gun owners who do not have a desire to repel any gun laws. Of course, recently we have seen a large rise in gun purchases, so this works to even out the playing field a bit, making the situation appear to be more to our advantage.

    I have run the scenarios over and over in my mind, and the only thought I can use to describe the 'possible' gun confiscations is to recall history itself. If the people suffer enough hardship, and of the economy continues to slip into the abyss of absolute despotism, much like the 20's and 30's in our past, we very well could end up on the precipice. Of course, this is a two-edged sword; some people will hold on to some of their guns for defense, but some will also be willing to give them up in trade for food or work. Even if the guns are stolen or traded to other citizens, they will still be out of the hands of government. So, what is the real issue here? I think that it is not any ONE factor alone. The downward spiral of the economy and the fear induced upon the populace may very well create a recipe for disaster. If the citizens revolt, or if they fight each other for survival, then the whole subject takes on an entire new meaning.

    The introduction of (openly declared) martial law will undoubtedly send tremors through our entire nation. I do not doubt that our populace as it stands can easily hold off an occupying army. Even in a seriously tumultuous situation where economic troubles are at their worst and many are starving, we could fight and most likely win. However, logic and experience dictates that no war should be fought on multiple fronts. If the citizenry does not stand together against a common enemy, then all hope may be lost. If we are fighting each other and the military forces sent in to restore order, and if we cannot shoot, move, and communicate as one -then we face a most precarious situation indeed.

    I haven't even factored in natural disasters, biological, chemical, nuclear, or other such catastrophes like viruses and pandemics which will undoubtedly take their toll. If even one of these additional factors are a part of the equation, our success rate drops considerably.

    We are looking at TIME, MONEY, ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLES, HEALTH, SANITATION, FOOD-WATER, COMMUNICATION, MORALITY, and the unknown 'X' factor of GOVERNMENT/MILITARY all as deciding parameters in this question. And I still don't have all the pieces either. What else could I be missing? Perhaps INDIFFERENCE and HATRED, or GREED and ENVY.

    I think that our best chance to repel any gun confiscations is to remain vigilant, and we must be willing to do what is necessary to refuse even one inch in gain to to Government. If we do not, then it is quite possible that our slowly eroding rights will continue to become privileges only to be revoked at will. A smaller force (gov) does not have to win by brute force and strength. When faced with an enemy which outnumbers, they really only have to implement the right strategy and be willing to make sacrifices.
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    Great points Brokor
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    This is a very possible way the goverment can disarm the American public. The disarmed population will be easy to control and will be unable to resist. I have noticed in my area of the country a disturbing trend of many of the sporting goods stores no longer carrying ammo or carrying very limited stoks of ammo and reloading supplies and equipmeni
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