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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Kingfish, Aug 24, 2016.

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    Sounds like MSM Fantasy, in the making... with some Yahoo blowing smoke, up some Reporters Behind.... ether that or they didn't vet their Membership very well, and let the Yahoo blow their OPSec....
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    Ever notice that almost all of the idiots that they catch as terrorist, mass killers, etc, are caught in sting operations that almost border on entrapment? OPSEC is number one as all of your preps are useless if you are in prison. The want to be bunch has gotten so bad that the local gun range put up a video monitoring system as the bump firing, probably legal, scared the heck out of the neighbors and a few guys and gals were told to either cool it or not return. We have keys and the range is unattended and you can shoot most daylight hours. We in New Hampshire are reading of one our own who was part of the Bundy ranch thing and his words are coming back to haunt him. It looks like the best he can do is plea bargain to some weird conspiracy charge as you can't win in the Federal stacked courts. After 4 years in the USAF I am still hesitant to join someone in anything, even a prayer. My old tractor, implements for it, greenhouse, garden, solar, etc are not for prepping, just an old man's hobby and a way to relive my past. They used to say that in the 50's that the biggest supporter of the communist party in the USA was the FBI as their undercover agents probably were the single largest group in the party. Now I guess it would be the democratic party.
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    That website soooo stinks of a .gov sting operation. The poster won't give his name but at the bottom asks for your name, address, email, etc. Don't do it guys.
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  6. Altoidfishfins

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    If they're real, they'll first be vilified in the media and then mercilessly harassed by the feds as a hate group. Look for roundups and possibly armed confrontations of small contingents of the group, which the feds will win every time.
  7. Bishop

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    You will get put on a watch list and have a ruby ridge happen at your place.
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  8. svjoe

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    Not No, but HELL NO........ No clearly defined Mission Statement, No "Way Forward" message, No "Contact Us" option.

    Maybe I am just odd, but it all stinks to me. Besides I never have been one to "join the cause" because its the flavor of the month. I will stick it out on my own, take care of what I have and raise my children to do the same. Not oblivious to the world or what's going on around me, I just have no need to be told what "needs" to get done by someone else.
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  9. chimo

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    I smell a honeypot
  10. Brokor

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    Well, since ISIS is a Zionist/U.S. secret government project, it wouldn't be wise to advertise you're gonna go get them. Only the "government" can claim to be fighting ISIS, since it gives them the justification for the militarized police state. Even Vladmir Putin knows this fact, as he is out there actually attacking ISIS while the U.S. blows up some farmers hut or a hospital and pretends like they just kicked some ass.

    Best not to get involved unless you like espionage and taking on military forces with a bottomless wallet.
  11. ghrit

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    Odd. They are going to monitor your activity on social media and contact you with an invitation to join? (Rapid eye movements, jerk the steering wheel hard right to a 180 degree course correction, and put the pedal to the metal.)

    Dead fish odor fu is powerful this morning.
  12. GOG

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    I wouldn't join any group that would have me. They obviously have terrible standards.
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  13. Dunerunner

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    I have to laugh... What group would shine such a bright light on itself like that?
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  14. AD1

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    The DOJ?
  15. Kingfish

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    I figured you guys were the best sniff test. :) Im trying to find additional information. Not finding much of anything.
  16. Kingfish

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    Is there a way to find out who owns the website?
  17. techsar

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    Definitely fishy aroma

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  18. chimo

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    Site whois information is protected by WhoisGuard. DNS is hosted by Cloudflare.com who probably also host the site.

    Domain was created on July 22 of this year at Enom.com by NameCheap.com and it is only a one year registration.

    Site is written in PHP and uses Google Analytics - looks to be a WordPress site.

    The contact form script is hosted by aweber.com, an e-mail marketing firm.
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  19. chimo

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    These folks are not being very honest. This page talks about how kids from southern states are being required to undergo some kind of “cultural immersion” training about Islam and displays a letter allegedly obtained by an anonymous member. The school listed on the letterhead is in the UK, not in the US and was in the news back in 2013
  20. Legion489

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    Yup, find any large group of so called extremists and it is ALWAYS a gov't operation. Remember Eloem City, the "Nazi" town that always featured that blond girl wrapped in a Nazi flag? When it was all over and the FBI/KBG/ADL/JDL/SPLC/Secret Service/Homeland/other gov't scum were sorted out, sent to prison, etc., the ONLY true believer was the janitor! Yes, LITERALLY! The JANITOR was the only one who was there that was NOT getting a check to spy on all the others!
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