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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Witch Doctor 01, Sep 8, 2014.

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    A gadget to knock drones, Google Glass offline - CNN.com

    CNN) -- Bothered by gadgets like Google Glass that can, theoretically, be used to snoop on you in public? Then why not get your own gadget that can knock them all offline?
    That's what the creators of Cyborg Unplug promise. Billed as a "wireless anti-surveillance system," Unplug is, essentially, a portable router that can detect drones, surveillance cameras and mobile tech like Glass trying to access your Wi-Fi signal and boot them off of it.

    Cyborg Unplug

    Every wireless (WiFi) device has a unique hardware signature assigned to it by the manufacturer. These signatures are broadcasted by wireless devices as they probe for, connect to and use wireless networks.

    Cyborg Unplug sniffs the air for these signatures, looking for devices its owner has selected to ban. If a banned device is discovered an alarm is triggered (LED, audio or message*). Further, if that device is found to be connected to a network that Cyborg Unplug is trained to guard, a stream of special 'de-authentication' signals (packets) are sent to disconnect it. It does this automatically, without any interaction required from its owner.

    * Due to technical limitations, alarm features may be restricted to the high-priced model.

    Waiting the price tag.....
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  2. BTPost

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    It will be interesting to see if this device gets FCC Type Acceptance. Somehow I doubt it will, but we will see.....
    And until it does it will not be marketed in the USA.
  3. PapaGrune

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    It says that rooted devices are not very common and are hard to do and some you cannot do. This could void your warranty. I lot of phones and tablets are rooted android, jailbreak for ios. Ad says $50 - $100 for them.
  4. PapaGrune

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    Those may not be able to blocked by this device.
  5. natshare

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    Of course, if the plans for something like this were released to public domain, there's nothing to stop home hobbyists from building a similar type device. Ownership of such devices is usually not illegal.....only the actual use of them. Sort of like stuffing the radar detector under the car seat, when you get pulled over in a state that doesn't allow them. Until they can prove you used it, it's not illegal. ;)

    Personally, for drones, I think it would be fun to have all your own personal devices protected, then light up a personal EMP device. After the SHTF, of course! Otherwise, you might have to deal with angry neighbors with suddenly non-functional TV sets and vehicles! :rolleyes:
  6. BTPost

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    Well, actually these devices are Illegal in the USA, as the FCC just posted a substantial FINE for the Marriott Hotel System, for using such a device, to force folks to use their InHouse WiFi System.... I think it was a $50KUS fine.... These are NOT Type Accepted, and can NOT be legally, Imported, or Sold, in the USA.
  7. Cruisin Sloth

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    Marketed in San-Mateo CA USA where it is made !!
    It is not a transmitter , it's hard wired-ed in and It is perfectly legal to block any device you choose from a wireless network you own and/or administer.

    Smart meters that send info about that you need milk because the fridge reported , but the milk carton is not the one YOU SHOULD HAVE !!
    Extra D & GMO fed Whoremon cows !! on special this week , Try All Natural Brand Mr Smith !!

    YA , just the way I want to live
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