A new Tattoo

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    Down town P-town I have met couple interesting people.One of whom is in a wheel chair.At first he appears to be a dirty begger.

    At first it was small chat.His old hands struggled to play guitar.Could tell in his day he was really good.
    As I sat there listening,watching him get as much out of that old baby as he could.

    He still has a sparkle in his eyes.You wouldnt think it possible but he still shines.

    Others just walk on by.

    Some are put out that he is even here.
    Dont know what others were hearing but to me it was grand.I found myself slinking down the wall I was leaning against.

    Now I had a................................ front row seat.

    At first it was small talk.More smiles and some clapping opened the door to more complete sentences.

    His music took me back to a time when I was very young.Life was all about fun.

    Again I see my old freind,stuck in a chair enjoying a break from the rain and the wind.

    I dont know if he really remebers who I am.

    He greets everyone the same a smile and heart felt aknowledgement with an extended hand.

    It is not money he is looking for.
    He wants a freind.

    He brings a smile to my face I ask,,,hey bro whats new??
    Excitement showed through his body and soul.

    He replies..........Got a new tatoo.

    Trembling thin fingers he unbuttoned his shirt.His raspy -quite voice slowly sang.

    In the begining you feel the pain ,after a while you dont feel a thing.

    In bold red letters across his heart covering a scar.

    He must have known by the gaze in my eyes......He started laughning to my surprise.
    My life has been long like an old song.
    I`ve seen lifes glories and been to war torn lands.
    Loss of words and numbness took over.
    I sat and listened as others came nearer.
    Some tossed coins some dollar bills.
    Dont think they truelly appreciated him pouring out his soul.
    Not much of a talker letting the music convey his emotions.

    Reluctantly----I stood to leave

    ```No money in my pocket to give.

    In my most compashonit voice
    May the Lord be with you my freind
    And offered my hand.

    He kept strumming lightly with his eyes in the skys.

    Motioned me closer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Whispered so softly in my ear but just enough that I could hear------Thats more then money could ever buy.

    He asked me before I left???

    Do ya think they could get this one right?

    Now this sunday morning I am wondering Alot.
    For this week he was not in his normal spot.
    I searched for hours and asked around..................

    Nobody knew who I am talken about..............................
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    Do Not Resuscitate?
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    My allergies are acting up again, dammit...thanks QS,great post...
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    Yep. Barry had that tattooed across the Constitution.
    Awesome post Quigs.
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