A new vision for America: Deputized Americans

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    Deputized Americans

    Imagine that an amendment was added to the constitution that states: "Every American with a clean record, able body and sound mind who was born in America is to be voluntarily deputized at the age of 25."

    This amendment is to be put into action 25 years after it is instated in the constitution. It will focus on an entire generation of young Americans who will ultimately replace the need for a police force in America. You and I will not be able to become Deputized Americans because the generation that will has not been born yet.

    The school curriculum will be changed so that these children get the proper training needed to uphold U.S. and state law. Martial arts courses will start in 1st grade and continue to graduation in order to encourage self discipline and build physical endourance. The same penal code that modern policemen study will be taught every year as well and student's will be tested for their understanding each year. Gun safety courses will begin in 4th grade and firing range testing will begin in 6th. Drills and scenarios will be practiced in 7th grade and up to test their understanding of the law and how they handle situations.

    Should they fail the tests with unsatisfactory scores, they will not be deputized. If they break the law at any time before the age of 25, they will not be deputized. If they are deputized and are caught abusing their authority or violating the law themselves, they will be stripped of their authority and they will revert to an undeputized, citizenship status if the offence doesn't require incarceration.

    Now imagine the psychological effect that this would have on the youth in America. It would encourage them to be good people every day of their life to earn the deputization they all are entitled to.

    Keeping the peace in a community would be more of the focus than generating revenue for the state.

    Since deputized Americans would be your average citizen, policing each other would come as second nature since there would be no distinction between them and a citizen. They will simply be citizens charged with keeping the peace in a community who are careful not to abuse their power. This would eliminate any superiority complexes that people might have because they are regular people in the community.

    Undeputized people would also be encouraged to uphold the law and keep the peace in their community but the Deputized Americans would get the cool toys. I don't see why something like an app couldn't be created to send out alerts to all Deputized Americans in an area to notify them of disturbances in a community. I'm talking about response times in minutes. The potential for a perpetrator to be apprehended or a victim to be saved would be increased at least 75%. That alone would detour crime not to mention how it would end the trend of apathy that is so prevalent in society today.

    Judicial rullings

    The government will support the judicial system on all matters of judgment. The deputized American will be responsible for providing evidence to support their case against other people, including other deputized Americans. Cameras are easy to come by and a knowledge of forensic science and investigative techniques could easily be taught in schools.

    In this day and age, an app could be made to submit evidence to a judge. They could review it and cross reference any other evidence submitted for the same case and issue warrants for police action to the deputized Americans. This could be done in minutes.

    After receiving the go ahead from a judge, the deputized American will have supportive cause for action. They are to provide body camera footage of every apprehension, search or investigation to provide further evidence. The warrant is to be displayed to the perpetrator to prove that their cause is justified and that their cooperation is necessary, just like modern police do.

    Use of force

    Becoming a deputized American does not technically give anyone new rights they didn't already have. It more gives your average citizen a greater reason to care about the well being of their community. In most cases, a situation wouldn't need to escalate beyond a simple conversation.

    Every person already has a right to defend themselves but there is a legal line between defence and offence. When it is crossed and every alternative has been exhausted however a person has a right to be prepared to defend themselves. It makes the 4th amendment make more sense in this day and age but a firearm or weapon should always be thought of as a last resort, nonlethal tactics should be deployed first unless there is no other option.

    A person sees a crime being committed. Let's say a house is getting broken into and the next door neighbor sees it happening. They take out their phone and video tape the scene. They then submit the video to the Deputized Americans app along with pictures and a description of the disturbance. The files will then be sent directly to a judge actively monitoring the app interface to review the evidence submitted and judge the severity of the situation (could take about 1-3 minutes depending on the amount of evidence to review). The judge can then issue a warrant for the event by sending alerts (similar to Amber alerts) to the phones of registered deputies near by. Those choosing to provide back up can hit a button confirming that they are responding to the situation which will activate a live stream from the phone which is to be warn on a chest mount or similar camera holder facing their 12 o'clock as it would be unlawful to respond otherwise. A headset like a Bluetooth device could be required too in order to receive legal instruction from the judge to advise the situation.

    The judge will monitor the live streams of those acting on the issued warrant and coordinate an appropriate action. As in the case of a break in, the judge could ask the deputy who submitted the evidence to cover the house as best they can until back up arrives. The deputies could then surround the house, or as advised by the judge, and order the perpetrator to surrender. If it turned out to be a false alarm, say the home owner got locked out of his house and had to smash a window, then the local friends and neighbors of the community would be able to recognise him as such and declare it to be a false alarm. If not however then the judge can immediately call in for more back up by escalating the situation condition which could be color coded on the phone app and broadcast to a wider area of deputies.

    Before long the entire neighborhood could descend on the person causing the disturbance, forcing them to submit to the warrant issued or be taken by force. As stated before, nonlethal attempts should be made before anyone decides to take the safety off a fire arm they may possess but if it's determined that the perpetrator has hostile intent then deadly force can be authorized by the judge to subdue the assailant.

    More minor things like an elderly woman needing help after falling could be issued to near by deputies who could offer immediate aid since they are so close by. Situations that could normally take up to 45 minutes for a police officer to respond could be resolved in only a matter of minutes for those that are close by. Not only would this save lives but it would also help to establish a deeper connection between members of a community by going out and meeting the people living closest to you and helping them in their time of need.
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    Well, it was an interesting read until there. I have something of an aversion to that idea.
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    How so?
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    Never going to happen until you eliminate the liberal indoctrination that is being taught now days......
    Never going to become an amendment to the constitution.... it would take the power out of the governments hands and place it in the peoples hands.... that would not benefit the .gov.
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    Entitlements is a bad word. Earnings is MUCH better.
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    Exactly! That is precisely why I want to get the word out about this idea. To help build a plan for the aftermath and make sure the power remains with the people after it is acquired. People can't expect to have an effective society run by anarchy, that's just an immature thought. But to place the responsibility of law and order in every person's hands would inspire a greater sense of pride for one's community, providence, county, state and nation. It would completely redefine what it means to be an American and it would be something worth fighting for... freedom, not just a paycheck.
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    Ever heard of a Citizen's Arrest?
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    Well it is something that would be earned with good behavior but it is also something that would be a natural right as an American citizen. It would completely eliminate the need for a police force. All that extra tax money could be spent to educate the next generation of Americans to uphold the law and maintain peace in society. I don't know about you but that is something I would be willing to contribute towards.

    Yes but that is also limited. Most people wouldn't even think about that and write it off as "not my job". Think of this idea as a reason for people to end the trend of apathy that has been plaguing society. To actually give a shit about the state of their communities and have the authority to do something about it.
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    Could we change this to penal code before somebody like me with your basic cop sense of humor can't resist the straight line....PLEASE? I'm trying to be good but the scotch makes it difficult.

    Now I'll go back and pay attention to your points.

    OK...let me get this straight...

    "Deputy Duty" would be something everyone who met the qualifications did sort of in their spare time while having other gainful employment? Would all deputies be required to respond at all times when something happened nearby? Would entire workplaces empty of deputy/employees...or would one turn off the app when they were working at their regular employment? What about crimes where there was no person taking a video or a deputized person present? Does that go in the "Oh well" file? Would we have citizens blowing off tests so they could avoid this duty interfering with their career (and/or home life and recreation)?

    I like the concept and what you are trying to do...I just doubt this system is actually workable.
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    Damn auto correct lol.

    I would think that the fact that everyone could potentially be a Deputized American would detour crime to a degree that has never been seen before. It's more than a job but a sense of responsibility to uphold a moral code in a society where your friends and family live. You hear people talking about how bad things are happening in their town all the time and how much they wish that someone would do something about it. Well... if an app such as this was created, it would basically go according to the opening part of the 2nd amendment.
    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State"
    It seems almost exactly what our forefathers had in mind when the constitution was written. Applied with current technology and you have the most effective and liberating peace keeping system in the world.

    ... it's too bad this is an America that will likely never exist.
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    Too late. Could have happened in the '50s, never happen now.
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    The basic concept sounds like a variation off Robert Heinlein's "Starship Troopers"....except that Heinlein's science fictional citizen heroes are fighting extra terrestrial bugs, instead of terrestrial bugs.

    This kind of childhood indoctrination has been tried with disastrous results elsewhere....it was called the Hitlerjugend in the German Reich, and the Komsomol in the Soviet Union....yep...they were inculcated in the ideals of keeping an eye on political and social deviationists....such indoctrinated children were feared by their parents as much as the parents feared the local gestapo and commissars.
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    This would scare the hell out of me... I can see the law suits now... along with the deaths and injuries to the "deputies" no training... really... I don't think much of the concept...
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    I don't need to be "deputized" to be a free man or exercise my inherent human right to defend myself, my family or my community, nor do I subscribe to this notion that citizens must be indoctrinated, drafted or given "cool toys" for going along with the program...no matter what political faction is advocating it.
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    I can't think of a better way to create a police state...so put me down against it. Government mandates almost never are good.
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    Lol, I'm not the government. I'm just a kid from a small town in Texas who recognises that there is a problem with our system of peace keeping. Lawyers go to school for years to learn the law properly, police are expected to learn it in 6 months. I think it would be only logical to involve the same code police follow within the educational process in public schools.

    I hope you all caught the part about how deputization is voluntary. There would be ways to not take those classes specifically designed to prepare children for deputization. Even if they take the classes, it's still a choice that can be made by those children if they would like to take on the responsibility. Nothing about this idea is mandatory.

    Also, the dispatch alerts would contain all the information needed about the situation at hand and it would be up to the Deputized American if they would choose to respond to the situation or not. It would show their approximate distance from the event and if they can't respond for whatever reason, they don't have to. But failure to respond too many times would result in a suspension of that person's deputization and require replication to get it reinstated. Kind of like a "no hard feelings" act if they aren't cut out for the work or aren't ready for the responsibility.
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    Good behavior? That calls for a judgment. Who gets to make the judgment? Once again, it's necessary to point out that, good intentions aside, anarchy is the result of everyone on the same level, voluntary or otherwise. After all, is anarchy not defined as no government, as a political ideal? (It is, look it up. The fact that anarchy is automatically taken as violent and criminal is an incorrect application of the term.) Someone has to be nominated as the judge to make the good behavior call, and that automatically makes a government function. Very much afraid that the anarchic utopia will never exist outside of fictional accounts.
    The same thinking tells me that there has to be an authority to do the deputizing.
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    A person who makes those kind of calls can earn the position to make those calls the same way judges today get there. Through education. Not to mention that the law would basically be common knowledge by the time most people turned 16 if an amendment such as this ever passed.

    I don't know, maybe I'm being optimistic that there won't be bullshit laws people would have to follow in the future. Instead it would be nice if there could be common sense laws that suit the era. Lol, you guys like John Lennon?

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    Still calling for an assessment of the education, whether or not it meets the standards, whatever they may be, to become a judge. The door is now open for corruption, anyone wanting to be a judge, presumably an honorable profession, just might buy the seat without oversight. Another authority. Not to mention the education itself as needing mentors. The law, constitution, whatever, will be in continuous need of interpretation when questionable cases are brought to the court.

    Gx, I am not against utopia at all. I just recognize the impossibilities of gathering a whole population with the right mindset. Human beings do not spring forth with a full load of knowledge and ethics, these things are learned and applied as needed or as can be gotten away with. I add, gratuitously, that common sense ain't so common in any era, more's the pity.
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    You are F'ing kidding, right?
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