A new vision for America: Deputized Americans

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GhostX, Aug 30, 2016.

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    No, other Deputized Americans who recognise what that person is doing is wrong would do the policing. This idea is kind of an attempt to take "law" and place it in civilian hands so that it becomes more "morality" with a goal of maintaining a harmonious society within a community.
    Lol no doubt. But your right, it gets a little confusing with all of the new laws being made and the ones that don't make any sense being thrown every where like chimps having a poo fight. I'm not even sure that this would work how it's supposed to if applied to the American laws. The point of that part is to weed out the people who don't take the responsibility seriously or who would abuse their authority before they are given the opportunity to have it. That would eliminate at least most of the potential for corruption down the road. The way I figure it is if the majority of the people who receive deputization are people who take it seriously and actually make an effort to be a model citizen, they will be more likely to help to further weed out those that are not.

    These will not be cops on a beat, these will be your average citizens going about their lives, shopping at stores, eating at restaurants, chilling at home, working on hobbies, etc. The only difference is the few extra classes they took growing up that taught them how to preserve peace in their communities. When they get the call to come to the aid of someone else, they will still be the same people of the community. You are right though, I've seen plenty of cases of people with ego problems and superiority complexes. People who make you want to slap the crap out of them if they say the word "I" again. That's why I want it to be an authority that anyone can have; a right as a native born American citizen. Nothing really special about it, just a duty that people voluntarily undertake at a certain age to help keep peace in the community they are in, wherever in America they happen to go.
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    Odd, on the one hand you are promoting anarchy (- a state of disorder due to -----nonrecognition of authority) and on the other hand postulating laws which by definition implies authority. You have a dilemma that your utopia cannot resolve.
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    No, I'm not promoting anarchy. I'm suggesting a self sustained society that doesn't need a police force. It is a
    but it's also a sense of mutual respect for your fellow man. How likely is a robber to hold up a store if he sees a cop shopping inside? This idea makes potentially anybody that cop and would be a very effective deterrent to crime I believe.
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    Utopia with your rules? :ROFLMAO: That is still a dictatorship[shtf]
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    I have to say, I really do appreciate your responses! You have been very kind and respectful, even when questioned about these ideas. By doing this, you have just provided the exact response I was waiting for. Check this out.

    This precise model you have described already existed. It didn't take place on some distant land, or neighboring country. Up until about the time of prohibition in America, yes our very own 'land of the free', this was precisely the environment you have described. Believe it or not. We didn't see police like we have come to know until the .Gov required, nay --insisted on having equal firepower to combat the smugglers. Then came the mafia and hate groups, the Communists, followed by *gasp* terrorism. It's incrementalism we've not seen, and it's called that with good reason...it is gradual. Our republic existed as a truly free society, so much that it did in some ways mimic some tenets of anarchist philosophy.

    It's no shameful thing to admit ignorance of our history, nor of the republic and our past. We are all products of a very poor educational system. If you would like, I could elaborate on this more.
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    For ME. I like the idea of the Office of "Sheriff"... You ELECT, and PAY, this Person to "Keep the Peace"..... and If the Community feels the Need, they can authorize the Sheriff, to hire a Deputy, or two, to assist the Sheriff, in that JOB, of "Keeping the Peace"...
    If the Sheriff has to deal with an ISSUE, that requires more Backup than that, then He forms a "Posse" which he, and or his Deputies, lead, and the Posse acts under the AUTHORITY granted to the Sheriff, and his Deputies. A Posse Member can be sworn in for various "Lengths of Time" as deemed appropriate, by the Sheriff, to deal with the ISSUE at hand. The Sheriff, being Elected, is subject to the Voters... and if he doesn't do the JOB, as required by those Voters, they vote his A$$ out of Office, and get someone else. Paid Deputies, serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff, as do ALL Posse Members....

    This is how the State of Alaska operates it's State Law Enforcement.... The ONLY Elected Law Enforcement Officer is the State Governor... He holds ALL the Law Enforcement Powers in the STATE. ALL other LE Officials, serve at the Pleasure of the Governor, Including the Attorney General, and are confirmed by the Senate. They ALL can be removed from their positions, by A simple Decree, signed by the Governor. If we have LE Issues with the way the Governor is handling them, we can Vote his A$$ out of Office, or Impeach him...
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    Well IIRC most PD and Sheriff departments ORIGINAL charter was to ASSIST the people in apprehending wrong doers?

    This over the years has changed considerably...

    used to see old movies where the LEO's were asking peeps to allow them to do their job?

    even recall one (an old movie) where a politician had really screwed up and you could here a crowd in the background sound...

    he was being addressed by someone that was tellin him the people were upset and ARMED and he was in for it...


    he was told they, the people, had the RIGHT under the Constitution to come for him ARMED...

    can't find that movie anymore... guess it was too much for the PTB?

    Current problem however has to do with the MORAL fiber of some of our people...

    it has been said that our Constitution will only work for a MORAL people?

    sadly there SEEMS to be far too many people that lack that... and too many do NOT even know the Constitution or Bill of Rights!

    it's been taught right out of em it seems... much of what I was taught is now being ignored or reversed?

    IIRC one of the keys the USSR said was needed to defeat us was lower our morals?

    and TSun TZue (speelin? :D) said one key was attack the morals so?

    so IMHO what you are suggesting will sadly no longer work and is more likely to create a nightmare...[cow]
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    I can't find the quote, but it went something along the lines of "if people are inherently honest and trustworthy, you don't need police...but it they are not, then the police cannot be trusted either."

    I already have the power, as a human being, to stop evil...it just takes the means and the will do to so, along with acceptance of the consequences - no good deed goes unpunished. Being deputized does not absolve you of the latter.
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    Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you on this. Thank you for all the info, I've known about a little bit of that but not very much. I know that the only reason the police force is set up like it is was originally set that way to recapture runaway slaves. Now people are made to believe that our country couldn't operate correctly without a police force. True, if there were no system in place at all to offer possible punishment for one's actions, I'm sure there would be those who would take advantage of the opportunity to do bad things. But, with today's technology, if there could be a kind of community alert that would call upon the good nature of the average person to aid their fellow man in his time of need. That could be the ultimate deterrent. A town could organize and rise up to over throw a cartel or a gang threatening and murdering people. All for the sake of their community and having a safe place to live in peace.
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    All being a Deputized American is supposed to do is remind people that they have the power to fix something if they see that it's broken. It's meant to inspire those who would be otherwise reluctant or apathetic to act with confidence because a whole community has their back.
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    Titles don't automagically make an introvert into an extrovert.
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    Smells phishy to me, and maybe me only. The goals are admirable, but you don't need to register to work on those goals.
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    The idea of a network of devoted people (in addition to loved ones) being alerted is interesting.
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    The topic of this thread sounds a lot like the old English common law principle of, 'Posse Comitatus'.
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    Oh wow. This is the first I've heard about that. I knew I couldn't be the only one to think like that way. I'm not sure why they decided to charge for this but it's still a good concept... I'm not really sure if it would catch on since you have to pay for it. If it could be set up more like the waze app then I think they would be on the right track.

    I can understand the registry and background check part but it seems like your giving too much information. I'm not sure if I like the way it's structured but, yeah, this is basically what I had in mind.
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    I think that technology can bring a community of people together in this way. It has opened a lot of doors of possibility that we didn't have available before. It could very well be what saves society... or what helps us rebuild it.
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