A new way to improve your marksmanship...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Witch Doctor 01, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Want to shoot better? info@appleseedusa.org I always thought I was a great shot. Challenge yourself and attend an Appleseed shoot. It will change your life.....Yes it will change your life......
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    Only the French could screw up a rifle that bad. The GIAT Famas (aka french bugle).
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    It's really a good weapon and can hold up well to being dropped a must for a French weapon. The looks well the French like them fugly.
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    They held this annually at the University Rod and Rifle Club. Very nice!
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    When it is dropped, does a white flag pop out?
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    You know a great way to improve your shooting-- shoot--shoot--shoot. And when you think you have it down, get your best freind in your face as you do the same drill on a clock and then when that don't work put your wife on the spotter scope. Just clucking here in my grain....don't mind me....
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    wives as target spotting buddies?

    Unless it's a handbag shop, dress shop, or shoe shop I doubt that I'd get any kind of sensible target indication from my estranged etbe wife.... even with a spotter scope. : O

    Now you know why I am her strange etbe husband. ; )

    etbe = eventually to be ex
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    Don't forget the Chauchat renowned for its open sided magazines and loose bipod.

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    Doing the Chauchat cha cha.....

    A Chauchat...with the original banana magazine archetype....well....half peeled banana magazine.

    The French eventually got it right with the FM 24/29 light machine gun.

    FM 24/29 light machine gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Interestingly, three US WWI MOH winners were equipped with Chauchats when they won their medals.

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    I am blessed with a woman with a good eye- and an attitude to match mine. And she is quick on the trigger- in many ways. ;)
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