A Nice Folding Skinner For $13

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Brokor, May 18, 2012.

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    Kershaw's folding Northside Hunter

    This blade is actually pretty decent. You can find it on Amazon for the price I indicated ($13).

    The steel is 8cr13Mov, not AUS8A steel as often indicated (very similar anyway). Like all Kershaw knives I have owned, it comes razor sharp and with a great finish. The blade is well built and weighs 4.7 ounces (I verified this). It has a black rubber grip, not like what may be depicted elsewhere. I still find this a bonus since it offers plenty of traction in case your hand is wet (from blood perhaps). It also has a sharpened gut hook for skinning. The nylon sheath (included) is well built, not a cheap, low-end design. It has a looped belt attachment on the back which is wide enough for a full 2" wide belt with a little to spare. The loop is also attached to an independent piece of nylon sewn onto the sheath, adding extra strength. It is well made and will last.

    Did I mention it folds? The folding action is nice and smooth, with a thumbnail groove to open the blade and extend -no thumbscrews. I like this old-timer design even though it makes one handed deployment impossible...it's a folding skinner, not a tactical blade.

    I included my images below.

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    That's a helluva deal. I'm guessing it must be made in China??

    I carry a Kershaw Leek daily...I hated that knife at first...would cut me everytime I opened it. Now I have grown quite fond of it.
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    do you have a link ?
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    Looks like a great value for the cash.
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