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    The spirit of community has all but disappeared in our world and that is the single most binding thing that I have seen about this site, the spirit of community….Ideas are exchanged, barter arranged, friendships bonded, alliances formed and all done across borders of land, sea, and distance. Our bonds are formed electronically and this alone would frighten a normal being but take a minute to stop and realize that we have paved our existence using electronic money; many of us were not even born before ATMs replaced most cash transactions. I purchased a house with a mortgage, paid many thousands of dollars down and have been making scheduled payments for a decade and have yet to actually hold a single dollar from this transaction in my hands or even catch a glimpse of any portion of its physical manifestation, if it in fact, exists. Why should it surprise me that I have developed a degree of friendship and trust for people that are purely represented in1s and 0s? Is it any more absurd to believe in you than in fiat money?

    3 percent.JPG

    The central family has not been replaced, it has essentially been annihilated by post world educational reforms and Political Correctness mandates. The traditional roles that bonded our values were replaced chemically and electronically too and with the exception of small pockets of people left isolated throughout the land, our values got replaced by Nintendo, grading curves, Equal Opportunities, no-fault insurance, and Ritalin. These small pockets would represent the final museum specimens of the Nuclear Family except for the internet. A tremendous diverseness makes it easy to share and exchange ideas, knowledge, and information, but it is the commonalities, not the differences that truly bind us as a virtual family. We cannot put the Genie back in the bottle with technology, so we adapt it into our everyday lives and it becomes as real as the neighbor down the road. Part of the paradox is that it is our self-sufficiency and uniqueness that is most common between us. We probably would never have met and made these trusts and friendships were it left to chance meetings in public. Computer-screen commandos’ aside, I have followed through and met a good many of the members of our on-line community face to face. I have made some very real and strong alliances through these meetings, having spent a number of years communicating via the internet. This is much easier to manage electronically than traveling by wagon and leaving bags of salt and a fresh killed bison outside the next tribe’s camp. This alliance has expanded by trusting in those that have vetted to share opinions and advice about others that have endured the same vetting with one another. I think Ghrit maybe would refer to it as “passing the smell test”. Some of you have been guests in my home, as I have in yours. And those of us that have survived with our principles and values intact, have used the very tool our enemies hoped would destroy us, to strengthen our Nuclear Family.

    Our Flag has been captured by the enemy. The once proud banner that used to be waved in Freedom now only comes out when the Corporate Directors decide that another war is needed to distract the public and feed the machine. For the past years, “Thank a Soldier for defending our Liberty” campaigns have been the only flag waving mantra but with never a mention of the Freedoms they are supposed to be defending. Those who would be our masters have dumbed down the population to the point that only slogans are needed to elicit a Pavlovian response. They want us to believe there is no basis for questioning the government. They have become sort of like the WESAYSO Corporation in Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs show and the majority of the citizens, the ones that have been led to believe that our Nation is a Democracy, are happy with this. These same citizens have even allowed Civics to be dropped from High School curriculum because it is not in the best interests of the “masters” to have an educated population. Who really needs to understand how our government is supposed to work when the vote of the populace majority can be bought for the price of bread and circuses?

    Needs? Now the crux is apparent. We, as preppers, know more than most. We know that needs are basic; food, clothing, and shelter just about covers it. I could have been quite satisfied with the social programs that provided the needs for those less fortunate. I have no problem with feeding them, clothing them, and keeping them out of the elements. The problems really began when those “Needs” were expanded to include Nike shoes, big screen plasma televisions, iPads, cell phones, automobiles, etc.

    I heard a prominent “News” Commentator asking why anyone “Needs” a high-capacity military style weapon. I guess I really don’t “Need” one. That’s the answer they want to hear. We don’t “Need” them. And you, Mr. Commentator, don’t “Need” that Porsche or the limo that brought you work; a bicycle would have gotten you there or you could have walked. Do you “Need” to fly from Chicago to New York? You could take a bus or a wagon train, for that matter. Do you “Need” that $1,200.00 suit? Tyvek would have covered the personal modesty issue. So you get to “Choose” the things that you want? A choice? Isn’t that really free-will, personal sovereignty? Shouldn’t that be regulated? I am offended when you spend more on wardrobe for a 30 minute segment on television than I spend for my children’s school clothing for the entire year. Why, then, do I not get a say in this important matter?

    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, that this foul deed shall smell above the earth with carrion men, groaning for burial

    Our masters are about to force war upon us but it is being done with guile and deceit and flawless planning and we are doomed. We cannot possibly fight the overwhelming odds of military and militarized police departments and Federal agencies equipped with the most modern weapons, armor and armored vehicles, drones, planes, trains, and busses. Martyrdom does not suit me. To quote the philosopher, Bull Winkle the Moose, “Nuttin' up my sleeve.” Presto!. Its smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand. Stay focused on the right hand and the left steals your watch. The government, under Patriot 1 and 2 have armed themselves with enough new weapons and ammunition to kill every man, woman, and child in the United States 6 times over without reloading. This is not a speculation, just simple mathematics based on purchases made in 2012 alone by the Department of Homeland Security. This doesn’t even take into account the weapons and ammunition they already had in their arsenal, or that of the military and police departments. That’s for Big Sis and her minions.

    Its time to connect the dots:

    1. Kill a bunch of innocent children and then use mass media as a partner in obscuring truth from the citizens so they can be convinced it is their best interest to pass feel-good laws under the guise of keeping every man, woman, and child safer by the simple act of taking rifles out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. It has already been determined that we don’t really “Need” these objects in the hands of citizens.
    2. Arm every mom and pop police department in the country with military weapons and armor because they “Need” them to control insurgents and domestic terrorists and will readily comply with Federal Departmental Guidelines and become an extension of the Federal Police in the event of a National Emergency.
    3. Prepare large Relocation and Internment camps under the Federal Emergency Management Act to have safe necessities (food, clothing, and shelter) for the displaced due to hostile activities caused by social discourse.
    4. Use mass media to warn the citizens of the dangers presented by domestic terrorism and how much easier it is to create Havoc using military look-alike weapons that aren’t “Needed” by law abiding citizens. If the actual weapon used isn’t the correct type to further this agenda, find one near the scene and tell the media it could have been used.
    5. Enlist ministers, religious leaders, social activists, and entertainment icons to propagate the agenda.
    6. Arm the 500 or so new agencies that didn’t exist before Patriot 1 and 2 under the umbrella of Homeland Security, and have them burn out and kill the pockets of domestic terrorists that refuse to comply with laws passed to keep us all safer from scary looking weapons. Then use media to spin them into the Domestic Terrorist paint pot and make them a shit stain on the underwear of our social well-being.
    7. Pass Patriot 3 and 4 to further our Domestic Tranquility.
    8. Wave the flag over those patriotic minions that made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our Freedom by killing the insurgents and domestic extremists.
    9. Totally restructure the economic system and infrastructure that was destroyed or went unfunded due to having to fight our War on Domestic Terrorism here at home.
    10. Offer thanks and praise for our NATO Allies for helping to revive our Nation and economy and to the Federal Reserve Bank for initiating emergency e-funds guaranteed by the World Bank to enable us to rebuild a bigger and brighter America where all people are created equal and have the right to be proud and loyal subjects.

    Think that’s a little harsh? Then you don’t need to finish reading this. I hope you enjoy your Super Bowl commercials and re-runs of Two and a Half Men and Seinfeld. What is most amazing is that those of us that would revolt are the only ones still paying the bills for those that are waiting to kill us. Now there is a true paradox. We buy their bullets and PAY them to pass laws to declare war on us!

    We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Interesting thing, the use of “Constitution FOR the United State of America” rather than “OF the United States of America”; what do you think the founding fathers could have meant? Since Civics was dropped from public education curriculum, we have been led to believe that the government gave us our Constitutional Rights and should be able to amend them and change them as they see fit? Rights? Just who do these “We, the People” think they are anyway? Am I not being Patriotic when I allow TSA (one of the 500 or so brand new agencies under the Homeland Security Umbrella) to grope my genitals in case I have a testicular explosive device that I want to transport by airplane? Am I not being Patriotic when I smile at all the cameras watching every move we make and have licenses to do everything from operating a motor vehicle to hunting squirrels? Is it not Patriotic by continuing to pay taxes into a Social Security Program that is already bankrupt, just to keep those that already depend on it for Plasma televisions, rather than putting my money into a real retirement investment?

    The “Tea-Party” movement was a wonderful first step towards establishing a focused presence of defiance. I attended a rally in Washington D.C. where there were an estimated 1.4 million people attending and was so overwhelmed with hope that so many would unite and stand for our country. Thousands of angry Americans demanding their Rights be respected and heard, and what happened? The Corporate controlled News media painted us as nut-cases and reported our numbers as merely several hundred racists and red-necks angrily clinging to our guns and Bible while politicians of all types started claiming “Tea-Party” affiliations and “Tea-Party” memberships and “Tea-Party” support and endorsement. This was easy for them to do because they control the mass-media and the Tea-Party had no true unity or plan. We stood up and said “We are angry and demand you listen.” And the response was “So?” Why should the American politburo be worried? The Tea Party movement had no defined agenda, just a few million kooks carrying signs and guns that protested anything from Obama Care to Jesus Christ. The media, as partners with their corporate sponsors and political masters, could focus on the more outlandish, play down the numbers and basically spin the entire movement into the “Tin-foil Hat Zone.”

    We have allowed “them”, the politburo to make the laws, control the enforcement of the laws, and control the media. With these powerful tools, the rest of us do not stand a chance and it may appear hopeless. We cannot “win” but some of us remember, from history, that maybe only 3% of the general population, united and won a revolution that created our Nation. 3% against the mightiest Military force in the world and that 3% won and then won again in 1812. They did not achieve this with superior fire-power. They did not win by going heads up against the British Army or Navy, they were out-gunned. The 3% won by planning their battles, picking their fights, and creating every advantage possible. We are that 3%

    To succeed in a Revolution, we first have to decide on a common ideology, a common goal, a driving principal that unites us and has purpose and direction. We already have that common ground inscribed on parchment by our ancestors way back in 1776; the Constitution for the United States of America! This amazing document defined our Nation and every member of the of the enemy’s force has already sworn an oath to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic: the greatest paradox ever conceived! Those that usurped our government must be defeated, must be excised, like a cancer and thrown to waste but we cannot do this unless we Unite in a common purpose! We cannot fight them heads up. We are only maybe 3% of the electorate so we cannot fight them against voters who produce nothing but still “Need” their Bread and Circuses.

    I propose to begin this unity by a revision of the Pledge of Allegiance:
    I Pledge Allegiance to the Constitution for the United States of America and to the Republic it defines as One Nation under God indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

    The second step in this Revolution is to pick battles that we can win under our terms. What possible tactical advantages could we have against the most powerful Police State in history ? Well, here are a few:

    1. Their military has already sworn an oath to defend the very Constitution that we are fighting for.
    2. The controls that they have placed on us so far are all based on fiat money, money that doesn’t really exist except as a means of control through taxation and endured servitude.
    3. The vast majority of people will follow the herd mentality and run towards the lighted exit signs.
    4. We out number them so acts of Civil Disobedience cannot be stopped on a large scale unless they decide to unplug the power grid, internet, and infrastructure and if they were to do this, it would suddenly expand our 3% into a majority.
    5. Although they control the news media, this can be a double-edged sword and may very well be the best target of opportunity for a beginning Revolution.
    I want to expand on item number 5. For the past decades, the mainstream media has released “News” with a definite and undeniable spin ordained by the ones most in control. Frequently false or mis-information has been reported as fact to sway public opinion and make extreme use of the non-working entitlement class. The Press standards should be held sacred but with government regulation, they have become nothing more than mouth-pieces for the New World Order and if they cover a news event at all, it is with a directed agenda. They should be held to a higher standard than that and it is past time to make them aware of this. I propose a massive Class-action suit against the mainstream media for falsifying information and continuing to report mis-information in spite of knowing the truth, with their sole purpose being to sway public hysteria, influence the opinions of those that vote, and subjugate our Constitution. This is High Treason and if we cannot convict them of such, we can certainly go after an enormous amount of compensation for the damages done to We the People. I propose a suit of an astonishing amount, ask not less than $100,000,000,000.00 to be placed in trust for the preservation of our Liberties as out-lined in the Constitution for the United States of America. This ploy has to be heard in Court and may even make the MSM have to be more careful about the crap they report as fact. While there are numerous examples that might withstand the process of litigation, the most recent one, still on the hot-plate, is the falsely report use of an AR15 Rifle at the Sandy Hook Massacre. This has been proven untrue and yet the MSM still reports it as a given fact with no other possible reason than a blatant usurpation of our Constitution by swaying public opinion to pass restrictive gun control legislation. This is a battle that we can win but even if we lose, it will bind the use of one of the enemy’s most effective weapons. This is much more effective than picking discarded ammunition from the field to turn against them. This cannot be dismissed as a frivolous suit if enough Americans get behind it.

    Now is the time to Unite! Now is the time to pick our fights. It is time for all good men to come to the aid of our Country.

    A.K.A. D.W. Wallace,
    Mobile, Alabama U.S.A.

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  2. tacmotusn

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    Sea, the writing above is an awesome piece. Please don't think anyless of me for asking, but are these words solely yours? and is so, why in God's Name do you not proudly sign it? Regardless, I am very impressed and will print it out to read to others. Additionally I would like to pass it on to untold thousands via the internet beyond Monkey. Shall I label it Anonymous, or Seacowboys SM?
  3. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Our manifesto, perchance? Except for the as yet unsubstantiated use of an AR at Sandy Hook, it passes the smell test and looks good to go.

    Is "manifesto" on that list of watched for words?
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    Yes, these words are mine, with the exception of the Shakespeare quote from Julius Caesar and the Preamble of our Constitution.... and with a very helpful edit by another of our members that can sign as co-author , if she wishes...I am guilty.
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    GHrit, I heard the words directly from the Lead FBI Investigator's mouth; how much more substantiation do you need?
  6. tacmotusn

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    Congratulations Sea, I shall pass it on to 3 local Tea Party groups for posting in their monthly newsletters. I will do a mass emailing as well. Today in minutes I will share it with some of my tribe. Later with others. Maybe I can get SM some new members in the process.
  7. ghrit

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    Close enough for me. I'm going to pass it along to friends and "family" with your permission.
  8. Seacowboys

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  9. CATO

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    Enjoyable read, although I don't think litigation is going to solve our collective problem.

    I'm surprised you didn't get a finger-wag from a mod ........

    Make up your mind now | Page 2
  10. Kingfish

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    Wow!! That was a great read. I concur and will also pass this on. When are you running for office:) you got my vote.
  11. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    not meant to solve anything, just an opening shot that allows us to win even if we lose.
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  12. RightHand

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    I would be proud to add my name as co-author but while I fully agree and support the thoughts you have codified, I can only claim the status as editor-in-chief. If it were a petition, I would be signature number 1, signed clearly D.A. Dickson, Coventry, CT.
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    I wasn't downplaying what you wrote or trying to undermine it. I just don't think a legal solution is going to work here.

    Why? Flip it around: if they won in the courts (e.g., overturn Heller, etc.), that's not going to change my outlook, opinion, mindset one bit. So, if we won in the courts, they're still going to try to topple the wall one brick at a time and be just as vile and rancorous as ever--they won't quit until they get their way. Besides, why should we have to "win" in the courts anyway? We'd just be proving that water is wet.

    The hell with liberals . . . come and take it.
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    A suit against MSM for reporting false information with a political agenda has nothing to do with Heller. There are many of you molon labe types about but if and when they do come and take them, the collateral damage from a Predator strike might get a few of us that are seriously trying to create a united assault with something at the end other than being an enemy KIA in the War on Domestic Terrorism.
  15. Witch Doctor 01

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    Hmmm... perhaps requiring Big media to register as a political action group.... or sue because they failed to register.....
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    I am awaiting advise on how to proceed from my attorney. If we can get the GOA, Day of Resistance, TeaParty, NRA, JPFA, or hell, even the ACLU to support this, it ties up resources and puts the paid-press on notice.
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    I want anyone that wishes to distribute this text to do so as many times as you want. Please feel free to repost, tweet, facebook, send to other forums, print it and send it to your representatives, or use it for toilet paper.
  18. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    The first of my tribe who read the copy I provided him took it for his own, and refused to give it back. I laughed and asked why. I was not upset because I could make all the copies I wanted. This particular tribe member considers himself the gray man, and chooses to stay as off the government radar as much as possible. His intent was to xerox many copies and snail mail them to family and friends. You can be assured, the copies I distribute will not be used as butt wipe in my presence. Not twice anyway..... lol
  19. kellory

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    3% 2A.
  20. ghrit

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    30 copies out.
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