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    I discovered links to a whole bunch of American pioneer era cookbooks in .pdf format as free downloads. Credit to Buy Survival Food by Mountain House, Freeze Dried Foods, Survival Supplies and MREs, Camping Supplies for making the links readily

    EDIT: It would appear that the links to these recipes have been broken. The books may still be sourced, with just a little investigative effort by copying and pasting the relevant file name into google search. The site listings for that file should enable you to download a copy thereof.






    Delicious Peach Recipes.pdf










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    Thanks Chelloveck!
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    Cool link, thanks Chell
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    Hey @chelloveck it appears as mountain house foods has totally screwed all these links in your original post????
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    Hmm...here it is "survival warehouse"...a site I have never visited...
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    Don't have the time to do it right now but I just put one of the URLs into the wayback machine and it downloaded the PDF. I'll see if I can't pull them all down that way and upload them to the resource section (assuming that doesn't violate copyright).

    Gotta love archive.org.
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    That's the way of it tac....The internet is the kingdom of ephemera. It's a case of download it as soon as you see it....or chance the risk of it disappearing into the ether, when a site owner or webmaster/mistress decides to change the site's content.

    here is a .pdf for you as a consolation prize....though don't delay in downloading it if you like it....it may not last past tomorrow. ;)


    here is the first of those broken link recipes from post #1

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    No offence taken. Not sure what particular authentic leaves the Vikings may have used circa 700CE, but in more recent times, Rosemary, and sage has been a common leafy garnish.

    Aha...the Vikings used turnip leaves to surround the lamb.

    Viking recipes

    Edit: here is the link to the site's Viking Cooking home page. Some of the other Viking arts and crafts featured on this site, make for interesting viewing. Well worth a look.
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    It would be an interesting time period to visit...but probably not to live. Chances are that I'd be burnt at the stake as an infidel, heretic. :eek:
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