A primitive technology water still

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    This will work with salt and fresh water to produce potable water.

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    Where'd he get the pot from?
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    OK, fresh water with salt as a by product, that would be handy, but the tips by the potter are invaluable. The still is interesting, but the techniques used in building the stove are invaluable. They could be used for building a cook stove, it is actually almost a modified rocket stove, a true rocket heater, the same basic design could be used to build a beehive oven or a wood fired kiln to make the pot for azrancher or to store the water or other beverage made by the still, enhanced beer or wine anyone? The filler to the still pot acts as a safety valve and will leak before the pressure builds up enough to explode if the outlet is blocked, the clay will seal the pot, but will not get hot enough to fire, so the lid can be removed and the salt removed. One of the things the Pacific Islanders didn't have on their volcanic islands was clay and thus no pottery and the work a rounds are in themselves worthy of study. If things fall apart, there are worse professions than being the village potter.
    chelloveck is on a roll today, two very thought provoking posts on how to survive with minimal tools and actually live and not just exist. The man with the educated hands and feet took wood and clay and created not only water, but pots, ovens, stoves, dishes, etc.
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