A quality brand of Fish Med's I've used,at a good price!

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by goinpostal, Jun 26, 2012.

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  3. goinpostal

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    The silence is deafening!

  4. cdwoods

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    I would suggest aquaticpharmacy.com as a great source. Free shipping and all items are pharmaceutical grade, USP. Take Care.
  5. CATO

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    I have bought from here. Thumbs up.

    I can't say as I have used them...but, they haven't killed the cat yet.
  6. Matteo10572

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    When you say that you have used them, do you mean for your fish or injested them into your own body?
  7. CATO

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    Go back and re-read the sentence and pay special attention to the word "can't."
  8. Matteo10572

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    Here is the OP's post Mr. Guit.
    "Thomas Lab's is a RX quality brand I've used,and trust.
    Here's a link to a site,with very good prices on just about every kind of RX quality antibiotic there is:
    Save On Fish Antibiotics- Free Shipping on Fish Mox, Fish Flex, & More!

    Please show me where I should be paying close attention to the word Can't. Oh and BTW thanks for being so helpful and polite. Not many people retain that wonderful quality these days. Most people think everything is about themselves and are smart asses about everything. It is good to know that there ar qualitymonkeys on here. Especially when someone is inquisitive and asks an honest question.
  9. CATO

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    My apologies. I assumed you were referring to my post. Mea culpa.

    It is wise to use the 'reply' button to show others what post you are referencing...otherwise, people will assume it was the most recent post.


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