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  1. or at least i couldn't find really anything online let alone here… should i get #3 buck or #4 buck sacrifice a few pellets for only 1mm bigger size? I'm leaning towards 4 but really want to know what you guys think
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    For what Targets, and what Gauge, at what distances?
  3. no 3 for 20 gauge and no 4 for 12. for predators trying to eat me! both in pump action which would you use to protect yourself. since i don't know what exact animals might try to attack me lets be safe with coyotes wolves badger hogs possibly mountain lion. no bear or animal bigger than mountain lion
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    This may help a bit, note that the difference in shot size isn't as dramatic as 1mm.

    shot sizes shotgun shells - Google Search

    I have some doubts that shot will do for hogs or wolves, tho' it may well work neatly on the likes of yotes.

    I also think the weight savings of a 20 over a 12 should not be a factor. Go with the 12, load with alternating No.4 and slugs.

    It isn't clear to me why you chose the smaller shot size for the larger gauge, the reverse makes better sense if you go the shot only route.
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    ditto .... buy on $$$ price $$$ .... the size difference between #3 or #4Buck and then 00Buck isn't enough to worry about .... but when you start stocking up in quantity the price difference and the availability is a definite lock for buying 00Buck ....
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    First off, There are NO Wolves in Kommiefornia... Lots Yotes, Mountain Lions, a Feral Dog or two, and Bears, but NO Wolves... This time of year the Bears are mostly all sleeping, so that isn't an issue... Don't think Badgers are a Big Issue, in local Parks, and suburban National forests in Kommiefornia... Now Rabid Coons, You Bet..... Don't think Feral Hogs are an issue in Kommiefornia either.... especially in suburban Parks and National Forests.... I would be more worried about running into an ARMED Pot Grower... Those guys will just Plant you for Fertilizer, just for stumbling onto their Grow. No Questions Asked, or Answered....
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    Don't forget meth labs. Many hunters have stumbled upon those in public hunting areas, set up in hunting blinds, and often boobie-trapped. Stay clear!!
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    Once again we disagree on the weight issue for foot travel, but at least we agree on loads.
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    Yep, I agree with the LoadOut of 00Buck and Slugs, alternating thru the Magazine.... There is NOT a Creature that roams North America, that can survive being HIT with that LoadOut, inside 30 Yds, using a 12Ga Shotty. You might want to keep a #9 LowBase in the Chamber for the occasional Upland Grouse, or WoodCock, while you hiking.... They make Good eating.... For a meal or two.... and you can dust of the South End of a North Bound Critter, to get him going away from you if needed.....
  10. ok yeah ill probably go buck n slug. those druggies better hope they shoot first cause I'm takin as many of those back water inbred hicks as i can with me!!!
  11. and I've seen boar in mendocino i think. and bear don't actually stay in one spot when hibernating thats a widespread lie they actually frequently leave their burrows in search of food but only for a few hours if there really hungry
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    That is dumb. Rambo is an idiot. Note the location, gather what info you can, and back out is if you were never there. Call it in. (anonymously from a payphone if you don't want to get involved) and let the guys who wear body armor and get paid to deal with it. Your best weapon is stealth.
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  13. o yeah i dont think you guys know but i was doing some research and found an article about a few months old (not too old) that said all the mnarijuana growers in mendocino have moved out look it up
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    Yep, signed....the growers.
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  15. no actually the law enforcement said it
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    Sonny, what you know about Bear physiology, and hibernation is completely WRONG... You must have read it on the Internet.... I actually LIVE in Bear Country, and have for 40+ years, and have spent time, doing Research in their winter habits, with the Craighead Brothers, in Yellowstone Park, back in the 60s....

    Your knowledge Base is lacking in so many other areas of Wilderness Living, as to be Clueless, in the extreme... You may be fine living in the Hood, but in the REAL Wilderness, you are Way out of you depth.... And wouldn't last a week, in any REAL Wilderness, (No roads within 50 miles) or for longer than 14 days on the absolute outside. Especially one outside Kommiefornia..... We have all tried to point you in the right direction, but you do not seem to have enough functional Braincells left, to make the connection. So as a Monkey Moderator, I give up... You do what you will, but if you ever do go into the Wilderness, we will be reading about the Sheriff of that County, dragging your Bones, out in a Body Bag, and off to the Coroners Morgue, to determine how you died.... So, enough of messing with you....

    Maybe Dr. Phil could help you with your issues.... Momma thinks so...
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  17. lol doctor phil lol not gonna get into that…. i told u guys form the beginning that i was going into this no matter what and nothing u said will change it. I'm gonna be starting at the southern end i think of mendo near stony ford. i told you i have nothing here and no wants or desires. how am i sopose to live my life wanting nothing? please tell me?
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    You need to get a kayak and head out to the Farallons.
  19. i uhhm….dont know how to swim………………..
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    Well then, use your skills and don't tip over.
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